I'm Amy, I drink a lot of green tea, accidentally started collecting Deadpool things, and am trying to master standing on my head without support.  I can fold a paper crane with my eyes closed, "Nude" is my favorite Radiohead song, and I watch a lot of Sci-Fi/Fantasy television.  I once flew across the country to meet up with eight blog friends I'd never met before, and we all ended up best friends.  We call ourselves The Blogger Family.  It's pretty cool I guess. (If you want to check out their blogs there are links to your right!)

I'm taking life one day at a time, but someday I want to live in a small house in the Pacific Northwest.  I would like to learn how to garden and beekeep, and eventually would like to be strong enough in my yoga practice that I feel comfortable getting a teaching certificate.
I blog about life, about wishlists, and about movies I watch.  Sometimes I do snail-mail swaps ♡