This Month in Movies: August 2013

August in Movies:

Europa Report (2013): If you like movies about outer-space, but don't like movies about outer-space that have an abundance of scientific plot holes, than this is the movie for you!  I've been excited about seeing this since I saw the trailer a few months ago, and while it wasn't showing at a theatre near me, Amazon (even though I hate Amazon) had it as a rental to stream.  NASA worked with the filmmakers, and I have to say, everything about it was wonderful.  Watch it.

Elysium (2013):  I was really looking forward to this film, the trailers made it seem very promising.  I'm all for dystopian sci-fi, with sociopolitical themes, but this fell WAY short of what I'd been hoping for.  My beef with this is mostly the poor writing, but also the plot holes, and the fact that there were only two female characters, one of which was poorly acted (Jodie Foster's character, the villain), and the other of which (Matt Damon's "Love interest? I don't even know.") could have been super-badass but ended up being helpless the whole time.  So, yeah, wasn't a fan.  There was a lot of potential all throughout, and I kept expecting it to go somewhere super interesting, but that just never happened.
The trailers made it appear like Damon's character was the leader of some sort of underground rebellion that was poised to start a revolution, and make things better for the people who were denied access to Elysium, but really he was just an apathetic car thief that got really sick and went up there to cure himself?  (Also, why was the space-station so tiny? And why were the only people trying to get there from post-apocalyptic L.A.?)

Pacific Rim (2013):  I loved this movie so much.  It was so fun, and the characters were wonderful. Seriously, see Pacific Rim, and then we can gush about how wonderful Mako Mori was as a character, and chat about who we think we're Jaeger compatible with.

The World's End (2013): Phenomenal. As with the previous two Wright/Pegg/Frost movies (Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz.) it was an absolute blast to watch. Clever, funny, and just everything I expected it to be.  Go see it if you haven't, you won't be disappointed.

More Movies: Riding the Bullet (2004)Equilibrium (2002), The Fifth Element (1997)The Emperor's New Groove (2000)*.


  1. I love your month in movies posts. It always makes me want to watch so many more movies than I do. Hopefully now that I have caught up with some TV shows I can have more marathon movie nights!

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