Wishlist for 22

(I had my first French Macaron the other day, Earl Grey flavored.  It was yummy.)

I tend to be very laid-back when it comes to my birthday, to the point where maybe I don't start planning things until the week beforehand, and everyone is already busy because my birthday is almost always Labor Day weekend.  As a result, I kind of take it in stride that my birthdays are usually a quiet affair with one or two friends, and maybe a movie or something.

I do love making wishlists though, even if I usually forget to ever take them out of my notebooks.  There have been a great number of times my mom has said "Oh, I wish you'd make a wishlist for gifts." and I forget to ever give it to her...  So I'm going to POST my wishlist this year.  Just a collection of things I've seen here and there that I fancy.  Probably a few of which I'll end up getting for myself a week or two after my actual birthday, because that's how I roll.

// Black Metal "Stay Home" T-shirt (Stay Home Club)
// My Drunk Kitchen mug (My Drunk Kitchen)
// Girls Don't Read Comics tote (Kate Leth)
// Home Run Henley in Oatmeal Heather/Dark Grey Heather (Wildfang)
// Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (Franz Ferdinand)
// Honestly anything on my Etsy favorites list
// Stay Home and Watch Buffy tote (Stay Home Club)

Other things that make me smile include: handmade cards, baked goods, stickers, tea, anything from Lush, and good company.


  1. Oh, all those things are so great! And I love your Etsy list! I may just have to slip a few of the items from there onto mine, haha.

  2. Franz Ferdinand!

    And I'll be scrolling your Etsy favorites now... :)

  3. I like that Wildfang shirt. Wildfang is a pretty place. I just perused your Etsy favorites for ten minutes. SO MANY CUTE THINGS. I like that one grey triangle tote a lot...

  4. Earl Grey flavored Macaron? I SO WANT ONE.

  5. Your etsy list is beyond fantastic

  6. Love all of these! My birthdays are always quiet too, I sort of love that. As much as I'd love that macaroon! It looks perfect!

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