Month in Review: July 2013

I blogged about: Accidental collections, missing the blogger family, a blogger date with Kaylie, and some music I listened to.

Other Happenings:

  • I did a little bit of tweaking to my blog here and there.  Nothing major, just little changes.  Every once and awhile I get bored with things and change it up, usually it's nothing noticeable though.
  • I had a few cheap used-bookstore finds. Like a Depeche Mode CD, and a first edition of "Far Flung" by Peter Cameron (which I have not read yet, but am looking forward to. his stuff is really hard to find...).
  • Mayte and I had a really great Skype date.  I miss her, and her adorable face, and happy attitude.  Sometimes having long-distance blog friends is hard, but it's super rewarding too because you end up friends with some amazing people.  
  • I've been working a lot of mornings, and then no mornings, and really I just want a steady schedule. 
  • I'm in a love-hate relationship with Spotify,
  • I spent most of July really missing the PNW.
  • I didn't get carded for the first time ever when ordering a margarita, so that was cool.
I am still loving "Welcome To Nightvale".
Here's hoping August bring better weather, and a calm certainty.

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  1. The first time I wasn't carded for a Martini I thought I was going to die I was so happy. My friends made fun of me but for someone who has always looked 15, it was a big day :)

    Tightrope to the Sun


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