This Month in Movies: June 2013

Remember how last month I thought I saw a pathetic amount of movies?  This month was worse...
Something about summer leaves me with not enough time to watch the movies I want to watch.  I'll have a list all queued up, and just not be able to find the time.  I mean, part of this month's lack of movie watching can be attributed to the fact that I watched WAY too much television on Netflix and Hulu (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Fringe, Hannibal, Arrested Development, Adventure Time.), but still three movies isn't that many.

June in Movies:

Ruby Sparks (2012): I'd heard bits and pieces about this movie here and there, and loved pieces of the soundtrack I'd heard, but didn't really know too much about the movie going-in.  I have to say, I really enjoyed it.  It's a comedy, but it doesn't spare you from darker moments, which is nice.  I also really liked the idea of someone's character literally coming to life.

Something's Gotta Give (2003)*: I'm considering this a rewatch because I've caught this movie a few times on television.  However, it's always been edited for content, and quite frankly, I have the hardest time paying attention to movies on television because of all the breaks for advertising.  So, this may as well have been my first watch.  I really like this movie.  I like that the main characters are in their sixties, I like that while it is a romantic comedy it's not what you'd expect from one, and I like the fact that it just makes me happy when I watch it.

The Numbers Station (2013): Intense.  Essentially, our main character is an assassin for the United States government (And although I don't quite remember the US being referenced as the country he works for, it is made fairly obvious.)  After making a kill that left him questioning his morals, he ends up temporarily stationed at a "numbers station" in the UK.  The plot begins when we find that someone has broken into the station and the main character and the numbers worker he's in charge of monitoring go into lockdown in the facility.  Intense.  Not a movie for people who can't deal with blood and violence, but definitely a good film.

(* = rewatch)


  1. I liked Ruby Sparks too.

    I believe I've said it before, but I am for real this time. I am going to do a June in Movies too. :)

  2. ruby sparks is in my mental list of films to watch!

    i'll see you soon, amy!


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