We found a really good bakery close to my house the other day.  They make AMAZING cupcakes (the one in the photo is a "birthday cake" cupcake).  I think I like their banana best. So yummy.

I'm trying to get into some form of routine.  I don't even know how anymore.  Work is up in the air every week when it comes to my schedule, and last semester was so strange due to my spending the first three-and-a-half months home sick.  I need to start yoga at a studio again, and figure out which classes to take in the fall, and get a second job.  HOW DO YOU ADULT?
Not to say this weird limbo-state I've been in for awhile has been entirely bad.  I've learned things, and had opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise, but structure is lacking and I need to get back to it.

What are some of your methods for structuring your life (...or just your day?).


  1. Amen with the having no idea how to adult! Like... how do adult people eat food? Cause as of now... ramen, pizza, and Starbucks is treating me great. Ugh adult life is hard. But so delightful.

    As for structure. I am obsessive about making to do lists every day. I even write really basic things just so I can cross them off my list! It feels nice to see accomplishments immediately, even if they are small.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. ^ Like Emma, I make to-do lists. If I don't make a list, I rely on my memory and sometimes that is awful. Sometimes I can't prioritize, or concentrate.

    My taste at a more adult life this summer has treated me fairly well. Being on my own and being consistently responsible is tiring, though ultimately rewarding.

  3. Well, since I'm in the military I get a fair bit of structure... But like my young adult compadres above, I make TONS of lists. Like, for everything. It makes me feel accomplished when I can cross something off.


    It's definitely hard to get into routine without knowing your work schedule! Maybe just pick one thing, like, yoga, that you want to do each day and make sure you fit that in. So even if other things are up in the air, at least you've carved out a time for that. I'm a fan of routine.

  5. I wish I knew... looking for structure is the hardest. Especially when you're being an adult (note: trying to be an adult hah). Making a list every day is something that helps me the most. Crossing stuff off is a stress reliever even if its simple things. :)

  6. That cupcake looks delectable.
    I've found recently that a lot of my life has revolved around time management from doing a sport, and now that I'm not doing one, I too am trying to find routine. Setting mini goals for the day or week help me manage my time.

  7. That cupcake looks awesome! I never know what my health can be like from day to day--or hour to hour--so I understand how a schedule is hard. I have found keeping a journal with me helps. I write myself a basic to-do list, write notes to myself, recipes, quotes, writing ideas, sketch, etc. It has really helped me these past few weeks.


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