This Month in Movies: May 2013

May is always the busiest month of my year it seems, even when I don't have much going on.  So it really wasn't much of a surprise to me when I looked at my movie list for this month and only found four titles.  I was able to make it to the theaters twice in May.  One movie I was on the fence about, and ended up loving: Gatsby, and another I was excited for and left feeling underwhelmed: Star Trek.

Here's May in movies:

Domestic Disturbance (2001):  This was one of those films where you spend the whole time yelling at the characters on screen to listen to the kid!  You know?  Clueless parent movies?  This was one of those.

House (1977): A completely bizarre Japanese art house film from the '70s.  Psychedelic horror?  I don't even know.  A piano eats someone.

Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013): I had been very excited to see this movie, and had been looking forward to it since I saw the 2009 film.  While visually stunning, and well acted, the film left me feeling cheated.  It was an action film through-and-through and gave us none of the substance that is what makes Star Trek Star Trek.  Not to mention the usage (and non-usage) of many different plots in a manner that really resolved only one.  I won't spoil any of it for those of you who have yet to see it, but I will state that I was rather disappointed with it over-all.  If you HAVE seen it and want to hear what I have to say get in touch I'd be glad to discuss my issues with the film and hear what you have to say.

The Great Gatsby (2013): Gatsby on the other hand... I was so terribly worried about seeing this film.  I was worried that Baz would, as he does so well, make this film so over the top that it would compromise the underlying message of the novel.  That in effect he would do the opposite of what Fitzgerald intended and create a world in which the audience would romanticize the jazz-age instead of  stare it in the face.  He did no such thing.  While still lavish and over the top, he created a world in which the book was (in my opinion) realized.  It was well acted, well scripted, and the production design was beautiful, and while set to a modern soundtrack I honestly don't think it distracted from the film in any manner.  I really enjoyed it, and would like to see it again soon.  


  1. It's weird, the second half of May this year was my least busiest and I watched at least 10 movies.

    I'm glad you liked Gatsby and you made some points I have to agree on.

    Yay movie watching!

    P.S. Thanks again for your package. A card is headed your way. <3

  2. I also thought Star Trek was disappointing...from a Trek-fan perspective. I can see why people who aren't super into Star Trek might completely love it as it was a good action movie. And you're spot on about all the plots. Very weird, and very disappointing.

    Now I REALLY want to see Gatsby! I was worried about it for the same reasons as you state - too fancy and over the top. It's probably not even in theatres anymore...shucks...


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