Month in Review: May 2013

Instagram Recap: (1) Selfie... (2) Blackberry lemonade, because it's starting to get hot again here in Phoenix. (3) Cappuccino, cheese danish, and scheduling at a local coffee shop. (4) Mountains, because sometimes it's really pretty here in Phoenix.

Month in Review:
May was a mess of a month, always the busiest out of the year for me, and this year busier than ever.
I only blogged twice (1) (2), due to the amount of crazy, both good and not-so-good, that went on.

On the 23rd we said goodbye to our dog of ten-years Hoot.  He was fourteen and had been suffering a brain tumor, it was a very sad day, but we knew it was what was best, and he had a long and happy life.  The next day we received an email from a rescue list we had been on saying a dog needed a home.  We weren't planning to adopt again so soon, but went to visit the puppy anyway.  We couldn't leave him.  So we welcomed Kenneth (a Poodle/Bichon/probably a little bit of something else too mix) into our lives.  He is the sweetest thing and we're glad to have been able to give him a home.

Other May Happenings:

  • I saw a few movies and had opinions.
  • I went to Phoenix Comicon and MET JOHN BARROWMAN!
  • I read Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs, and American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and loved them both.
  • I received mail from lots of Blogger Family members, and sent some back.
  • I started drinking coffee again (oops), but so far I haven't had any issues *crosses fingers because espresso is amazing*
  • I bought Tom Milsom's new EP and can't stop listening to it.
  • I decided to until-further-notice disable the sponsorship feature on my blog.  As I don't think it's the direction that's right for me personally.
  • I started watching Hannibal, and am so incredibly hooked on this so I cannot even begin to explain.  Just watch it (unless you have issues with gore and blood and violence and cannibalism and everything being people.)
Anyway, that was my May. More or less...

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