Lists are nice ♡:

☛ Kenneth is adapting well to his new family and still has so much puppy in him.
☛ I found a nice little Tea House and went there with my mom.  I had some Genmaicha-Matcha, and bought a beautiful little Amazonite stone.
☛ I've started re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I watched it a lot growing up, but I've not seen the whole show in order.  So there's a summer project. haha.
☛ My brother and I went half/half on a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and I'm really excited to play it.  He and I have been sharing the cost of videgames for a few months now, and it's a lot nicer than paying full for something we're going to share anyway.  The only difficult part will be deciding who gets what when one of us moves out.
☛ I'm really into Wildfang's clothes right now.  Someone buy me everything.
☛ I'm working of some pretty big decisions, both for the interwebs and my life.  So, we'll see where those go and I'll get back to you.
☛ I helped my mom do a bit of redecorating in her art studio, and it's looking really lovely.
☛ I really want to start drawing again, but I have such a hard time even starting to put my pencil to the paper.  We'll see how that goal goes...
☛ I need to resolve to practice yoga every day again.  After I got sick this year I lost touch with my practice and have been a couch potato.  So, yoga every day.  Sun Salutations in the morning, followed by a short standing practice and some inversions/savasana.  YOU GOT THIS *motivates self*
☛ Other than that it's been fairly quiet here.  I'm hoping to find another job, and maybe fix up my bike if I have the time.  I'm fairy sure it needs new tires/innertubes.  Can you take bikes in for evaluation like cars?  Is that a thing?  I should do that if that's a thing.

Other than all that I'm currently:
☛ Listening: to Loreena McKennitt Pandora.
☛ Reading: Red Dragon, by Thomas Harris
☛ Watching: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hannibal, and Arrested Development.


  1. Your tweet about Animal Crossing: New Leaf has made me seriously consider trying to get it. Or I might just have to compromise and play the old version more.

    Bike shops should exist, yes!

  2. There is a great bike shop near BAZ, super friendly and knowledgeable.

  3. Yay for puppies, tea houses, and goals! Also, I'm also digging Wildfang.

    Let's get together soon!

  4. HI! I just found your blog and you seem lovely. ALso we are the same personality type which is exciting because it's the rarest SO YAY.
    But I like your list, expecially the yoga part.
    It's awesome that you are reading Red Dragon, I really want to after so much Hannibal in my life haha.

    Following you on Bloglovin!


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