This Month in Movies: March 2013 (Belated)

Sorry this is late, I caught another awful virus.  Stuck in bed, bad ear-infections, missing work.  It's no good.  Finally got around to writing this up.  The Month in Review will be up when I've got the energy to type it out.  Hope you're all staying well.  I'm going to go drink tea, take a Tylenol, and try and get some sleep.

March was an interesting month for movies.  There were only a few of these I really liked.

Here's This Month in Movies: (* = rewatch)

Departures (2008):  In Japanese with English subtitles.  I really liked this movie.  Lighthearted, and beautifully done.  About a man who loses his job as a cellist with an orchestra in Tokyo and moves to a small town.  He interviews for a job in "departures" which he assumes means travel agency, but in fact mean preparing the dead for burial.  Definitely worth the watch.

Count Yorga, Vampire (1970):  Good if you like hokey vampire movies, and I'm all about those.

Dreamscape (1984): Once you get past the dated special effects this movie is really interesting.  Also, further proof that Inception was not at all original.

Isolation (2011):  A complete waste of time really...  I kept with it because I thought maybe something unpredictable would happen, but from the beginning of the movie I knew the whole plot.  Seriously, it was that predictable.  I like my horror movies complex and interesting, not drawn out and obvious.

Take Me Home (2011):  I really liked this.  It was sweet, heartwarming, and original.  Roadtrip movies are great, especially when they're as inventive as this one.

The Fourth Kind (2009):  I have always prided myself on the fact that I never get scared of movies.  It just doesn't happen.  I haven't been scared seeing a movie since I was eight and saw The Mummy for the first time, and then I watched it over and over until it didn't scare me anymore.  Point is, this movie freaked me out.  It freaked me out while I was watching it, and for days afterwards.  I'm not into the whole "aliens" thing, but good God was this a creepy movie.  If you're looking for a good scare, with real-life footage of creepy events this is the movie for you, but don't blame me when you freak out.

Other movies I watched this month:  Towards Zero (2007), The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)*, Sister, Sister (1987), He Was a Quiet Man (2007), Communion (1989).


  1. I love your reviews. If I'm ever on the fence about something, I know your review will let me know if I should watch it or not. Go you.

  2. Some potentially good fodder for my own to-watch list! It's already getting horribly, horribly long.

  3. Ah I agree I'm never scared in movies and the fourth kind freaked me out and I couldn't stop thinking about it days after, too creepy!


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