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I was always an avid reader as a child.  I'd fly through books with 400+ pages in days, and then jump happily to the next dictionary sized novel.  I read the first four Harry Potter books in a month as a kid.  I was a lightning-fast reader (or at least, I considered myself one.)  
I kept it up pretty well through high-school, although I had less pleasure reading time on my hands.  I would still make sure I was reading something at all times though, and that I finished what I started.

Lately my reading habits have declined though.  Not because I don't enjoy it, they just have.  I have an ever-growing "to read" list, and it's about time I put a dent in it.

Being sick, and not working as a result, is giving me the free-time to start reading more again.  So, I vow to finish American Gods (which happens to be on my 21 before 22), and then go on to other books.  I have a few I've started and not finished, so those will be the first for me to tackle.
It'll be nice to have read, and be able to return, some of the 20+ books I currently have out from the library...

Do you have any tips for reclaiming you reading motivation?  What are you reading right now?

// In other news, and speaking of Neil Gaiman: I pre-ordered my copy of his next novel The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and I'll be going to his signing!  Yay!  I'm a big fan of his, and I always love meeting authors.  So, it's nice to have that to look forward to.


  1. I have missed reading for pleasure so much. Reading American Gods over spring break reminded me of that. As soon as summer starts, onto Good Omens! And all of the other books that are on my list of books I have wanted to read for who knows how long.

  2. Ah I've had American Gods on my list too. Maybe will read that next. I just finished Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.

  3. The past two years I've always strived for 50/year and came so close each time.

    This year has been off to a rough start. Now that I'm not required to read awesome novels for my English course, I've used less of my "free" time for reading, which is sad. Hopefully I can change that this summer.

  4. Seriously I only have time to read while I'm on the airplane to or from school. Otherwise I'm just far too busy. But I do make a point to do this, so I've been able to read quite a few books over the last couple of years.

  5. When I used to work far from home I always use the public transports, train, buses and also boat sometimes ( I've work in Venice,Italy) And reading was more simple to do and it make me really enjoy the time on the transports. Now It's more difficult to do!


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