Online Window Shopping: 07

(1. 2. 3.)

This edition of Online Window Shopping is brought to you by me still being super sick.
Like, up all last-night coughing sick. Ew.

I thought I'd share some things off my comfort wish-list, all of which are from Modcloth this time around.   I'm a sucker for flowy sweaters and cardigans, and any sort of loose-fitting comfortable lounge-wear.  So I definitely have my eye on the sweater above, and those loose leggings.
Of course, one can never have too many mugs and teacups.  I'm building quite a collection myself, and would love to add the "big sipper mug" to that collection.

What recovery-time is complete without tea?  The vast variety and amount of tea in my household is no match for that even of Ramona Flowers.  Seriously.  We have that much tea.

Here are a few of my favorites:
1. Twinings Black Currant Breeze: This was my introduction to tea as a child, and remains one of my favorites.  I drink it either black, or with just a little bit of sugar.
2. Genmaicha: I'm a big fan of "earthier" green teas, and this tops the list. Best by itself.
3. Sadaf Special Blend Jasmine Tea: I bought a big box of this loose-leaf at a local middle-eastern market.  It's absolutely wonderful.  Again, best black, or with a small amount of sugar.  
4. CBTL Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls: I love jasmine, especially in teas.  This is definitely pricier than most teas, but when you're able to splurge it's definitely worth it!  Best by itself.
5. Grey Duchess: I love earl grey, but this is a softer more vanilla earl grey. Best either black, or with a splash of almond milk and some raw honey.

Do you have any favorite teas I should try?


  1. A fellow mug-collector, I agree, you can never have too many. Besides, that mug is seriously cool.

  2. This whole post rules. That sweater looks super comfy, too!

  3. i totally want that sweater and those pants those are great sick clothes but also great clothes for lounging at home due to unemployment

  4. The mug is so cool! Tea is never enough!


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