Month in Review: April 2013

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(1) Bread Pudding. (2) Blogging. (3) Home Sick. 
(4) Bowie on Record Store Day. (5) Used bookstore finds: Midnight is a Place, by Joan Aiken.

Month in Review:  
I started April off with another really awful sickness (mono?) that lasted a couple of weeks, and my ears still haven't gotten back to normal... 

I started watching Hannibal this month, and have found myself hooked.  I never saw the Anthony Hopkins movies.  To be honest, I have trouble watching Anthony Hopkins in films because he gives me the creeps.  I figured that would only be worse in a movie where he plays a cannibal and avoided the films, but I'm familiar with the character and story.  It's definitely not a show for the queasy, but I love it.

I also was very happy to find Midnight is a Place, by Joan Aiken at a used bookstore this month.  Joan Aiken has been one of my favorite authors since I was a kid.  The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, Midwinter Nightingale, Is Underground, and Give Yourself a Fright were some of my favorites.  Her books are a bit hard to find though, and I only have a few.  So stumbling across a hardcover copy of Midnight is a Place was a great surprise!  I definitely want to get my hands on her other books.  Did any of you read her books as kids?  I definitely recommend them!

April 30th:  As for today?  I have work off, which is a welcomed break even though I've spent most of the month home sick.  Our wonderful dog has been sick for about a week now.  The vet says it's most likely a brain tumor.  He's an older dog (fourteen years old), but it's still sad to see our wonderful "puppy" ill.  He has some medicine, and we're hoping he'll improve and stay with us a lot longer.  He's the best, but it's definitely been a rough week.  
My apologies if I've left any emails unanswered, letters unsent, adswaps ignored, etc.  I've been a bit preoccupied, but I'll try and sift through what I've not responded to in the next few days.  If you don't get a response within the next week and it's super important don't feel bad about sending me a reminder, and I'll do what I can.

I hope you all had a lovely April, and are looking forward to your May.  
I can't say I'm prepared for the triple-digit temperatures May brings us here in Phoenix, but other than that I'm hoping it'll be a pleasant month.  There are a few fun things planned: Star Trek: Into Darkness, Phoenix Comicon (John Barrowman photo-op!), and Free Comic Book Day to name a few.  
Plus, Easter is this Sunday (I'm Eastern Orthodox)!

and in conclusion...

...sorry, not sorry.

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