Saturday was Record Store Day!  I went to our local record store, and picked up a copy of Bowie's "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" single, and had a lot of fun browsing the shelves and crates.

The outing prompted me to organize my records when I got home.  
The picture above is the result.  I found a box that fit the albums perfectly, and decided to make it more record-storage-appropriate.  I like the end result. 

If you know me well you know that I have a thing for constantly re-organizing my bookshelves/desk/etc.  It's relaxing for me, but sometimes turns into an all-night activity.  I'm like that with my blog design too sometimes.  I'll feel like my blog needs a facelift, and then spend an evening making changes.  
I like constants in most of my life.  I have favorites and preferences for things to be a certain way, but in some things I like the ability to change it up often.  I guess bookshelves and blogs are two of those things for me.

Other Things I'm Loving Right Now:
♡ Tazo "Berryblossom White" tea, iced.
♡ Frozen yogurt with fresh mango, honey, granola, yogurt chips, and mango boba. (Even though I'm not supposed to eat yogurt)
♡ Catching up on season eight of Supernatural.  BENNY <3 p="">
♡ My puppy.  Who sadly, is under the weather, so send him love and good vibes!
♡ Skeletons.  I'm going through another skeleton phase guys.  It's happening again.
♡ NYX make-up.  It's cheap, it's hypo-allergenic, it's cruelty-free.  LOVE.
♡ Listening to: Mirah, My Brightest Diamond, The Blow, Sarah Blasko, and Warpaint.


  1. I want frozen yogurt so badly right now.

    Also, The Blow is a great band!

  2. how much do you love charlie?? (on supernatural)

  3. Charlie is awesome! LOVE HER! <3

  4. Record store going, tea drinking, Supernatural watching lady you are.

  5. yay for records! i love how you organized them.


  6. Records are a slippery slope for me, I would love to buy them but I can see it end up being an expensive collection.

    Stacey from Life on Cephei

  7. Love that iphone case and washi tape. Great picks! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com


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