It's probably fairly common knowledge by now that I've never been able to keep up a proper blogging schedule...  at least I hope it is.

I was sick for two weeks in February (as I mentioned in my month in review post).  I'm no longer sick, but still sluggish, and catching up on the things that fell through the cracks while I was sick.  Not to mention everyone else in my house seems to have caught some awful bug.  For once in my life I'm the only well person in the house...  hopefully I can continue to fight it off, and everyone else gets well fast!
I have made two gallons worth of hot tea in the last twenty-four hours for everyone in my family.  Crazy!

Work is slow, but I have interviews in the works for a second job so fingers are crossed for that.  Hopefully I can get some more hours, especially with summer approaching.

Things To Look Forward To:
● Jenny Lawson book signing
● Star Trek: Into Darkness
● Everyone being well again
● Fixing up my bike
● Adventure Time being on Netflix Instant this weekend


  1. I'm glad that you are no longer so sick! And I will indeed cross my fingers for your job interviews. AND GAH! You're going to a Jenny Lawson book signing? That's so fantastic. That's going to be awesome. And Star Trek! I'm excited.

  2. AH AUSTIN. Also, when you meet Jenny Lawson, you should tell her about us and how we all shared the book. HOW CUTE ARE WE, RIGHT? Also, STAR TREK. I'MMA FREAK OUT. CAPITAL LETTERS.

  3. Oh my! Glad you're feeling better. I never stick to a routine with blog posts, although I should! No worries here. Love your blog and now following you :))
    I'm excited for the new Star Trek as well! My parents loooooved Star Trek, the original. So I grew up with it in the house, always. Hehe.


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