This Month in Movies: January 2013

Starting this year I'm going to move my This Month in Movies segments back into their own posts.
So here goes...

This month consisted of mostly re-watches of movies I've already seen, but I did see a few new-to-me movies.  However, I *gasp* did not go to a theater at all in January.

Bandslam (2009):
I didn't really plan on watching this movie... It was on television, and I didn't have much to do.  The reason I watched it was because the main character would write corny letters about his life to David Bowie.  It was basically just your average teen movie, complete with high-school drama and Disney Channel actors.

Red Lights (2012):
I REALLY wanted to like this movie.  The cast was phenomenal. Robert DeNiro, Sigourney Weaver, Cillian Murphy...  and the plot seemed incredibly interesting, but overall the movie fell short.  Poor story telling, and an absolutely awful ending.

The Avengers (2012):
My parents had not seen The Avengers, so we all watched it as a family a few days after New Years.  It was my second time seeing the film, and while it was slower the second time around I still really enjoyed it.

The Return of The King: Extended Edition (2003):
Technically a re-watch seeing as I'd seen the theatrical version before, but not the extended edition.
It's no secret that I love The Lord of The Rings.  It was as much my childhood as Harry Potter.  So the fact that I hadn't seen all of the extended editions of the films until now was a travesty.  It was absolutely stunning.  If you haven't seen these movies in their full glory I highly recommend you watch the extended editions.

The Meaning of Life (1983):
My first Monty Python film, although I've seen many episodes of Flying Circus.  I really enjoyed it, minus the one or two more gratuitous bits (*ahem* Mr. Creosote).  But really, I'll watch anything with John Cleese in it.

The Perfect Host (2010): 
This movie is just so good guys.  SO GOOD, and weird, but so good.  I can't even tell you about the plot because it would give too much away.  Just know, that if you decide to watch it the first ten minutes or so is fairly slow, but it only gets better, and weirder.  David Hyde Pierce is amazing in it.

The Road to El Dorado (2000):
This will forever be, quite possibly, my favorite classically-animated film.  I love it, and will watch it over and over, and if you've never seen it:  WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE


  1. thank goodness you watched the extended edition of RotK. such a must!

  2. I added The Perfect Host to my to-watch list because I love David Hyde Pierce. :)

  3. I miss you and your blog. Lots.
    Yay for the avengers re-watch.

  4. The road to El dorado is THE BEST FILM OF ALL TIME! I picked it up in a £1 bin in asda when I was 7 & everybody I know doesn't even know it exists, thats why I get so happy when I see people have seen it :') xx

  5. I'm so convinced that The Road to El Dorado is such an underated cartoon. It is so well made and is hysterical - plus, I don't trust anyone who didn't have a crush on both main characters. Just sayin'.

  6. Ah, a fellow film friend!

    I'm making a list of all the films I watch this year and rating them, (there's a handy iphone app for that haha).

    Can't wait to read more from you!! :)

  7. I once watched Bandslam out of boredom, and it being on the telly. The Avengers will never get old to me. New follower here! Great blog!

    The Introverted Brunette

  8. I had to rewatch the extended editions of LOTR after watching The Hobbit, just to remind myself that Peter Jackson can do far better. And ahhh John Cleese, don't know if Fawlty Towers is that well-known outside of England, but if you get the chance, you should definitely give them a watch!

    1. In fact, I have seen Fawlty Towers. My parents are fans, and we'd watch them together when I was a bit younger. I think I've seen the whole show. Love it!


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