Month in Review: February 2013

Instagram Recap

1: Mirror pic, no one is immune 2: Breakfast the day I met up with Anastasia
3: Big sweater 4: Surprises for Mayte
5: Cute little Spider-Man figures 6: Brown-sugar bread
7: Tea! 8: Anastasia and a friendly wolf

February started off with me catching what could only have been the flu.  I was in bed for a week, and home sick for a second week.  It was gross, and I don't think I've ever stayed inside for that many days in a row before.  It was just absolutely awful.  I'm still exhausted from it, but at least I'm out and about now.

Other happenings:

Overall, if you ignore the flu, it was a pretty great month.  I always tend to forget how short February is though... it blows right past me.

Tomorrow is March 1st.  Deadlines for this summer's Blogger Family meetup, and other awesomeness.  Also, you can expect February's This Month in Movies post (Hooray for scheduled posts!)


  1. I don't know what it is, but for some reason you look so much like Mary from Downton in that mirror pic! So lovely.

    That picture of Anastasia and the wolf dog is too cute.

    February looks like it was lovely. Glad you got over the flu!


  2. WAIT, KAYLIE IS SO RIGHT. YOU DO LOOK LIKE MARY. Love it. And you are my grey sweater buddy. Totally wearing one right now. February sure did fly by. I'm glad your flu-ness is over with.

  3. Sounds like a pretty good month overall :)

  4. oversized sweaters are just so perfectly comfy :) and i love honest tea! happy friday to you dear.



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