If you ever want something different and refreshing from Starbucks I suggest the above!  It was on a "Barista Favorites" chalkboard at a local Starbucks one day.  The Barista who invented it is named Matt, but I didn't get to meet him and thank him for my new favorite drink.  So if you're out there Matt, thank you.  If you want to try it order a Trenta 1/3 berry hibiscus refresher with no berries, 1/3 lemonade, 1/3 orange mango. SO GOOD

A week or so ago I was working on a project with a coworker and we got to talking.  He mentioned how, while it took awhile for him to come to this conclusion, he believes that sometimes the people we meet and befriend aren't meant for us.  He thinks, that sometimes those people come into our lives, and get to know us, so that we can introduce them to other people who play a more important role in their lives.    While yes, they are our friends, or significant others, or exes, or coworkers, all along we were just meant to show them to someone they really needed.  A soulmate, be it romantic or otherwise.  I believe that soulmates can be 100% platonic.  You know what I'm talking about, that one close friend?  So close you think you might share some integral part of your being with them?  Even before you met?

I've been thinking about what he was talking about for a while, and I'm finding that I not only agree, but I see examples of it in my own life.  I think sometimes, I meet people just so they can meet someone else. I can still be friends with that person, and the relationship doesn't always change, but I met them so they could meet someone I knew, and couldn't have met otherwise.  Sometimes the relationships do change, but I still know that I was like a stepping-stone, the path for someone to get to something amazing.
Now, I don't resent this one bit.  There's a very preschool attitude that I've seen continue amongst adults that is "She/he/they were/was my friend first!".  No, I feel blessed for everyone I meet and encounter, and every meeting and encounter I'm able to help facilitate.

With the internet as a meeting-place for friends, and future-friends, and all sorts of amazing and complex relationships it becomes even more apparent to me how true his theory can be.  I have friends who I've met through blogging, that have met and become very close friends with people I grew up with, and would not have done so if I was not a part of this complex system of blogs, friends, and relationships.  

What if I had never started a blog?  What if any of the blogger family had never started their blogs?  With the absence of just one of us would there have never been a blogger family?  Would certain relationships never have been formed?  I know that's the case, theoretically, but it's fascinating, and terrifying, and just makes me all the more glad I did start this blog, and that I have met all you beautiful people.  That you've been able to meet some of my friends, both lifelong and new, and forge your own friendships.  

Relationships are a beautiful and complex thing.  


  1. Well put, Amy. I like this theory.

  2. I love this post. It sounds like a wonderful discussion to have and your dialogue relating to it is so thought provoking.
    The entire idea of being essentially a vessel for other friendships/relationships to form is a fantastic one to theorize about.

  3. Oh my word. This philosophy/outlook/whatever you want to call it explains exactly what I feel. That the cosmos works to introduce you to people and I love being the bridge that forges a gap between friends. It's awe-inspiring, I think.

    ^ Sorry none of this is very coherent.

  4. Amy, I never thought of friendships this way, but have seen in happen to both me and others in my life. What an amazingly put post. It really got me thinking. Often in relationships, I have felt that I was a vessel for that person to meet someone else, or learn something new. But I also try not to be a MPDG. Your post makes me feel better about that. <3
    OH! And I need to send you a picture for the blogging family thing. I saw it on my blog and then forgot. Until now. Yeiks!


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