Month in Review: January 2013

My month according to Instagram:
1: The Gandalf Pop Vinyl figure Alex got me for Christmas hanging out with The Flash.
2: A selfie, because no one is immune to taking pictures of themselves with their phone. No one.
3: A "Sherlock Holmes Is Real" poster I saw at a local bookstore.
4: Green tea, a strawberry-kiwi muffin, and postcard writing at a favorite coffee shop.

January Is Over?!

This month was a fairly bumpy start to a new year.  
Our heater broke at the end of December, and the heating company wouldn't come to fix it until after New Years, so it was chilly here at home for awhile.
I spent the last few hours of December, and the first few of January at Alex's house celebrating New Years.  You guys, I have officially used a sparkler.  This is a big deal.  
He and I also FINALLY finished watching the Lord of The Rings extended editions together.  I had never seen the extended editions of the films.  So much better, so much more to them.  Loved them.

There's also been an obscene amount of tea drinking, and baked good eating at a favorite local coffee shop.  Lots of letter-writing too.  I promise I'll get on to the letter sending portion of that soon. Promise.  I have a bag of blogger mail in my room waiting to be sent.  If it takes me any longer to get it all sent I'm going to start committing Dobby-style House Elf self-punishment.

I crossed an item off of my 21 before 22 list and cataloged my personal library!  It was definitely rewarding getting that done, and having a nice form with which to keep track of my fiction.

There's been lots of wonderful rain here as well, which I just love and can't get enough of.  Lots of cozy sweaters, hot drinks, and walks in the rain!  I am truly a Pacific-Northwesterner at heart I believe.

And now, it's the 31st!  My wonderful mother's birthday!  If you happen to be reading this: Happy Birthday mom!  Love you!

Well... that was my January.  How was yours?


  1. I only watch the extended editions of the lord of the rings now (probably once a year because it is so long) because i feel like the regular ones are missing so much! Can't believe January is already over. It flew. Love your instagrams.

  2. Aw, sounds like a nice January. That muffin looks delicious and letter/post carding writing = <3. I looove it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MOM:)

  3. Yup. I need to make a trip to the post office as well. I just hate that it's on the other side of town from me! Not cool, post office, not cool.

    Also, mini Gandalf is adorable beyond words.

  4. January, where did you go? I love being back in a colder climate.

    (I'm listening to 8tracks by the way as I hope someone comes by to change my room's lock.

  5. You are seriously adorable. Gandalf doll. Love. Love your blog. You're just too cute.



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