Lessons in Used-Bookstore Shopping

I have a problem, and it's name is used-bookstores.  I tend to be a frugal shopper.
I have a rule when it comes to buying CDs that, unless it's brand-new and I HAVE TO HAVE IT, I should get it used for no more than five-dollars.
If you're paying less for the album as a whole then you'd pay for it in individual songs on iTunes, it's worth it.   Unless it's too good to pass up at full price, see: anything by The Mountain Goats or My Brightest Diamond, and all Vinyl purchases of new music.

I'm rather the same when it comes to books.  I like buying them used, and cheap.  I once walked out of a library used-bookshop with ten books for one dollar.  I know how to shop for cheap books, and I also know when it's worth it to buy a book new at full-price.  However, this penchant for searching for cheap books means I end up coming home from trips to bookshops with LOTS OF BOOKS.
I mean, when you can get a book for fifty-cents, or even a dollar or two it's worth it.  I got my hardcover copy of An Abundance of Katherines for ten-cents.  Sans dust-jacket, but at ten-cents who really cares?

Another important rule:  I never buy something just because it's cheap. If I really want it, and know I will read it, I get it.  I never just go grabbing cheap books because they're cheap.

What I'm trying to say though, is that I have ended up with a lot of books, like a lot a lot.  I've run out of bookshelf space, and haven't even been able to read them all.  You guys, I have a problem...
I mean, I'm GOING to read them all, but where does it end?  The answer is rather obvious: it doesn't, and I'm going to have to build myself a personal library or something.

I'm a bit the opposite when it comes to buying chocolate.  I get chocolate if it looks incredibly interesting, and sometimes end up splurging.  You guys, I bought a six-dollar bar of chocolate once...  who needs that?  (It was crazy delicious though...)  I got the chocolate above a few days ago because it sounded really yummy, and it reminded me of Yoda.  Dagoba(h)?  Anyone?
It is super delicious.  I can only really handle one piece at a time though. It not an "eat all at once" chocolate bar as it has a rather strong flavor.

What are your shopping vices?


  1. My vice tends to be Target in general. I don't think I've ever gone and not purchased anything.

    Recently I've been mug crazy. I'll be taking back five mugs to college and I brought home one. Granted two are gifts for my roommates, I think it counts as a vice though I'm definitely not bent on getting any more soon.

  2. Every time I am at the library and see used books on sale, I think of you! You are a used book superstar. Work it, girl.

    I spend the most money on food. It's a delicious weakness.

  3. Girl, I know your pain. Since I'm having to minimalize my possessions, I'm starting to realize how many books that I have. I'm garage selling some of them, and of course giving some to the Blogger Family, but most of them I'm keeping.

    But I love stores like Half Priced Books, and I will ALWAYS peruse the clearance section of bookstores.

  4. I have the same problem, I could spend hours in a used bookstore or vinyl shop and want everything!! It seems I like the idea of books more than I actually like reading them, and I LOVE reading but not as much as my obsession. I'm also the same with dvd's, if they're in the $5 rack I must look!

    I'm glad I'm not alone on this :)

  5. I think you should just start building your personal library right now. But seriously, wow, ten books for a dollar? A hardback book for ten cents? That is fantastic! I got a B&N gift card for Christmas but I can barely bring myself to use it because I know that I can find things for a fraction of the price at used book stores... but none of the ones near me have the kinds of steals that you're finding! That's awesome.

  6. I am down for buying cheap books, but I rarely get lucky in stores. Used from Amazon on the other hand...


  7. I like to buy ebooks when I'm looking for cheap reads. They're not quite the same as having a real book but they're crazy space efficient!


    I see something glittery/sparkly/shiny/cute/impractical/unnecessary. I want it. See that it's on sale? NOW I HAVE TO HAVE IT BECAUSE IT'S CHEAP AND WHAT A STEAL. Buy it. Put it in the back of my car.

    The end. It stays there. In the back of my car. Untouched. Until one day I'm like, OH YEAH, this book/movie/thing from target I thought I needed because it was cheap that I COMPLETELY forgot about. Yep.

    Things I never buy cheap though? Shoes/coats. Those things are worth investing in when you live in Montana, I suppose. ALSO how cute are your blogger family buttons!? SO CUTE. I'm dying. I have yet to add everyone on mine (*cough* lazy *cough*) but you may have stirred some motivation in me yet ;)

  9. I'm the same with dvds - if it's under £5 and it's something I've been wanting to watch, I'll buy it. I think I'm more flexible with books, because many of them are ones I know I can't necessarily get for pocket change prices (academic books, small print runs, etc.). That being said, there is a volunteer-run charity shop near me that sells books for ridiculously cheap, so I pretty much treat it like a library, especially considering 100% of the proceeds actually go to charity rather than paying staff or anything. I'll buy a couple of books that take my interest, read them, and because most of them are not really the type of books I want to keep with me, I'll just donate them back in bulk after a few months so they can re-sell them.

  10. I'm right there with you on this, and I actually have the same vices. I'm such an art nerd that most of my money goes to concerts, new music, and books, but I try to buy them as cheap as I can. Gah I'm lucky I live in a big city and have a lot of used options!

  11. I seriously admore you for having rules in a bookshop! My rule is don't go in one when I'm broke yet I break it, go in & spend money on books I dont need! Its an addiction! I really need to write down your rules, they may be more effective haha xx


  12. lately i've been buying new books. there's just something so delicious about opening that book for the first time and feeling the slight crack in your hands. but there's something to be said about buying used books and passing on a good story.

  13. Love your blog ! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin and fb if you want...just let me know :3 <3



  14. I definitely need to learn how to be more frugal with books, shoes, clothes... It's definitely not uncommon for me to drop a significant amount on all of the above - especially first edition hardcovers. You are adorable for being so knowledgeable and frugal - there's nothing wrong with that!

  15. Argh I'm the same! I've brought home so many books from thrift stores and garage sales that I don't have the time and I'm rapidly running out space for them.

    I'm thinking that maybe I should take all the books I've read and aren't planning on rereading to a book exchange for store credit. I do love having a wall full of books to look at but it's getting way too cluttered

  16. When I buy chocolate, I spend good money on it. It's just my way. Also, I tend to get pricey teas... usually by accident. And now that I have a nook, I am doing a lot of my book shopping via the webs! Which is good, because I have too many actual books. And I need to move them all...

  17. Man, I love books. I have a really great local bookstore that sells new and used books AND they will buy books they think they can sell off of you and give you store credit! So now I will buy books from them and if I don't have a necessity to keep them, then I'll return it... and get MORE books! I'm sad that I'm moving and will have to part with my beloved bookstore.. hopefully I find an equally good one where I go.

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