2012: In Review

2012 is over...

It's really strange how quickly the years are passing now that I'm getting older.  Adults have been telling me this my entire life, but experiencing it finally is a new and strange thing.  Year in review posts seem to be floating around about now, so here's a brief look at my 2012.

I went to the Tour De Nerdfighting in Phoenix with Mary and my brother.  I was late, but John (and Hank!) signed my books, and I got to see them sing "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" which was wonderful.
I was sick a few times, but that's how it goes.

February & March 
I didn't blog in February, and there was only one Online Window Shopping post in March.

Started with Spring cleaning, and Easter, and yoga, and comics.  There was also a Blogger Family Q&A Vlog in which I made a bad 90's boy-band pun.  I also saw Legend of Zelda: Symphony of The Goddesses with my brother.

I helped my old dance studio with their recital, and had a small dancing/acting role, and it was fun.
A five-year-old told me I reminded him of Storm from the X-Men, and it's the best compliment I've ever gotten.  Even though I look NOTHING like her.  I did a Handmade Mondays post.

I got a bunch of single-issue Sandman comics cheap!  Which was great.  There was also lots of Seattle Trip of Dreams and Wonder planning, and a fair amount of Supernatural re-watching.  There was a Disney movie night with my friend Eric.  I had one heck of a library sale haul, twenty-five cent books rock.  I finally found the URL I'll be sticking with, and made two (1, 2.) Online Window Shopping posts.
Mayte put together a summer book swap, and I got to have cupcakes with Kaylie!  She also interviewed me for her Get Inspired series here!  I also started my This Month in Movies series.  I'm debating whether or not I should go back to single posts with reviews, or keep them at the end of my monthly review posts like I've been doing recently.  Thoughts?

Alex and I went to a free pre-screening of The Amazing Spiderman.  I absolutely loved it.  I was so happy to see Spiderman portrayed as I'd always wanted.  He's been one of my favorites since I was tiny.  Lauren spent a weekend at my place and we marathoned Sherlock, and went and saw Brave.  Someone bought me a drink at Starbucks as part of a random-act of kindness, and it made my day, and we had a pigeon stay on our porch for a few weeks while it's broken wing healed.  I got to see Eleanna (Anastasia's youngest sister, who I used to nanny for.) for the first time since she moved away.  She's grown up so much!  Then there was July's This Month in Movies.

Apart from the short Seattle Trip post I didn't blog at all in August.  It was really a whirlwind of getting back to work, and taking classes... oh, and prepping my little brother for his move across the country!

I turned twenty-one, yay being able to buy bottles of wine with really well-designed labels (Yes, that's how I buy my wine. Design snob here.).  My little brother moved out so he could participate in a really fantastic graduate program on the other side of the country, and I had a little giveaway for my birthday.

I made a catch-up post that included both September and August's This Month in Movies, because sometimes I'm late at getting things done.  I put together a Blogger Family "All Hallows Read" swap for Halloween, which was lots of fun to do, and Lizzi gave me my favorite Ray Bradbury.  Also, Alex and I started our Hobbit prep by getting together every week or so to watch an Extend Edition Lord of the Rings film.

There was a catch-up post again letting you all know how much I love Breaking Bad, and what the movies I watched in October were.  Like Perks of Being a Wallflower, which was amazing, and I cried SO MUCH.  My brother came home for Thanksgiving, and I worked a crazy-long shift on Black Friday.  I also enabled my "Sponsor" page after much debate so adswaps could be much easier.  There was an Online Window Shopping post, and an actual, proper Month in Review post for the month that included November's This Month in Movies.  I also saw Cloud Atlas, and hated it, JUDGE ME.

There was an Online Window Shopping post about my dream bathroom, some reading, and some bitching about the weather.  I saw The Hobbit with Alex and his brother at midnight on the 14th. SO GOOD GUYS.  My Blogiversary (FIVE YEARS OF BLOGGING) came up, and I made a lengthy, and very emotional post about how much you all mean to me.   I also made a post about letting go, and trying not to worry. We postponed Christmas until my brother came home.

And that was my 2012, or most of it anyway.  I had a really amazing year.  There were amazing moment, and awful moments, but it was definitely a year I'll never forget, and I thoroughly look forward to all that 2013 has to bring.
We're six days in now, and so-far so good.  I had a lovely New Years eve at Alex's house with some of his friends.  There was a bonfire, and I finally got to use sparklers for the first time. My brother flew in New Years Day, and it's nice having him home.  Since then it's been working, listening to Morrissey, and playing Arkham City with my brother.  Hope your 2013 is looking good!

This Month in Movies: December 2012
Columbus CircleGypsy GirlNeverwasPrincess MononokeThe Darwin AwardsThe Godfather (Parts 1, 2, & 3), The Hobbit.


  1. We should just be best friends. End of story. Haha What an awesome year!

  2. I like that you added photos from the whole year! I totally forgot that the Tour de Nerdfighting happened. That's a great way to kick off the year. I hope a good 2013 is in store. And, also, I really like how the side bar is coming along so far!

  3. Great year! I like the bulk reviews for movies, but that's just me!


      Also, I liked those too, I'm thinking I may go back to them. They're just a bit time consuming to put together... we'll see.

  4. The Blogger Family sidebar is so awesome!

    I'm glad you liked 2012 because I did, too. But 2013 can be even better!

  5. I heard mixed things about Cloud Atlas - you are not alone!
    Happy 2013, hopefully this year will exceed 2012 for you! :) xo

  6. happy 2013! i just had a snoop through your blog now and its so cute. x

  7. I loved reading this post! I added your button to my blog! xx


    ps. I need that Great Gatsby mug!

  8. Really cute blog! Love the photies xx

    ps. Please come see my little blog:

  9. i've bought the first season dvd of breaking bad but haven't got the time to watch it yet. now i'm more intrigued because people seem to love it so much.

    wish you a wonderful 2013

  10. Looks like a busy, but well worth it 2012.
    It was great to see you this past year, and I can't wait to see you again this upcoming summer.
    LOVE the blogger family sidebar.

  11. Busy but lovely year it seems :)!
    Adore your gatsby mug and also really want to read the fault with the stars book.

  12. The wine that I buy is always dependent on the design of the label too, haha! :) I agree that time seems to go faster as you grow older, I swear when I was younger days seem to last for what is now weeks! xx

  13. I know I'm probably super late, but I finally got on my desktop computer (as opposed to my phone) and looked at the Blogger Family sidebar, and IT LOOKS SO AWESOME.


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