The fact that we're already almost twenty days in to January is baffling.  I feel like New Years was a week ago, tops.

I have a big stack of things to take to the post office.  If you've been expecting something from me it's probably sitting in that stack, and I apologize for being so behind...
Dillon... your Christmas gift is SO LATE I am SO SORRY!

In my last post I mentioned how I have a bit of a book habit.  Well, one of the goals on my 21 Before 22 list is to "Catalog my personal library".  I'm currently trying to think of the best way to go about this.  I'm thinking a digital spreadsheet so I can subtract and add books as I both get new books, and donate ones I don't want.  I helped do inventory for a church bookstore when I was in high school, but it was all on paper...  that wouldn't really work in this case.
Do any of you have experience cataloging your libraries? 

Well, that's all really.  Short post, I know...
I'm going to go spend my Saturday evening drinking cranberry tea, making iTunes playlists, and possibly watching some Supernatural while I do my nails. Have a lovely (three day for a lot of you) weekend!


  1. That sounds like the best Saturday ever! Supernatural is my favorite! I really need to start watching it again. I only got to season 3.

  2. Ooh cataloging your personal library? That sounds like something I should do. Curious to hear how you do it! Our saturday nights sound eerily familiar, except that I'm substituting freaks and geeks for your supernatural.

    have a great rest of your weekend!

  3. I swear you are a book soul mate! If there is one thing that I like in order its my books. I love the idea of digital spreadsheet. Cant wait to see what you come up with.

  4. Seriously, January is flying by. Good luck cataloging your books! Sounds like quite a feat, once accomplished. And don't worry about any lateness. I have a birthday turned christmas turned thank you card pile of stuff for Lina that I have yet to send. We're just awful sometimes.

  5. Cataloging is daunting, but I think you'll be really glad you did it.

  6. I had to catalogue a library in an art gallery and I used an excel spreadsheet which is pretty straight forward, it just depends on how you organize it (by alphabet, by author, by genre, etc.). It's nice having it be digital because then you can search for items and add notes to it. Good luck!

  7. I'm on season two right now!! Ahh it's so good!

    Also, when I worked at the library, we had both a manual catalogue with cards and whatnot, as well as a digital one... Do you think there are any free programs online that you could use? My stepmom has a recipe catalogue program that she got online for free, so they should have one for books... Anyway, if you don't want to go down that avenue a spreadsheet in excel would be an excellent alternative!

  8. I cataloged my personal library in high school since I had just THAT many books and I constantly loaned them out to people, forgetting who had what and when. So I made a spreadsheet that just had the name of the book, the condition it was in, if I currently had it and if so what bookshelf in my house it was on, and if it was rented out, who had it and their number. It worked out really well! :] good luck!

  9. Wow, catalogue your own Library?! Sounds fantastic!
    Such a sweet idea.
    I love your blogger family buttons. Such a lovely idea, and you guys are so cute. I have slight envy of your adventures. But I love to read about them.

    ps. your evening sounds perfect!

  10. "drinking cranberry tea, making iTunesplaylists, and possibly watching some Supernatural while I do my nails"....girl we are soul sisters!!! This is what i was doing this past weekend haha except for supernatural but i have seen it and it is good :) haha awesome blog!!!!

    Emily @ http://hopefulwandering.blogspot.com/


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