Online Window Shopping: 06

One of my favorite parts of wintertime is spending time in the bath.

Winter is just the only really good bath season in Phoenix.  A nice way to keep warm and relax after a long day.  Bathrooms have always been one of my favorite rooms in a home.  It's where you prepare yourself for your day, where you get ready for a goodnight's sleep, and I like to think that a well designed bathroom says quite a lot about a person.

Other items for a perfect bathroom:

Vintage Imperial Clawfoot Soaking Tub With Metal Feet - Restoration Hardware
Pharmacy Zinc & Glass Jars - Restoration Hardware
Who's The Fairest Mirror - Anthropologie
Timber Trail Toothbrush Holder - Anthropologie
Barr Co. Soap Bar - Anthropologie
Flying Fox Shower Gel - Lush
Ocean Salt Cleanser -Lush
(I've used and love this cleanser. Which reminds me, I'm out of it and should grab a new tub next time I'm at Lush!)

What would you put in your perfect bathroom?


  1. Oh my that plate! I love!
    Such a lovely little post-bathtimes are definitely for Wintertime!! <3

    I would have a wonderful roll top bath with gold taps. Glass jars filled with special bath salts, lavender salts for the perfect relaxing moments. Lavender scented candles. And a teeny radio for happy songs only!

    Have I ever told you that I love your blog? Well I have now!


  2. Oh I love baths, I live in Portland so theres always a good time for a bath! Super jealous of your bathroom! It look beautiful!

  3. So many pretty details. Sounds like a dream bathroom. Sigh.

  4. I'm not much of a taking-a-bath person, but I'll take a fancy shmancy tiled shower with just the right water pressure. Heated marble floors, a pedestal sink, everything sea foam green and lavender colored. And super fluffy warm towels always.

  5. I NEED THAT BATH TUB CADDDDY. I love baths. I've never had a bathtub until this year and I've taken so many baths in it. Probably once or twice a week at the very least. I love buying things for my bathroom and kitchen ALMOST more than I love buying things for myself anymore.

  6. I never thought of a bathroom like that. Hm. I guess they are really important. I like all the stuff you posted! Very nice! :)

  7. i love lush too!! :D yay for ocean salt!!
    love their bath bombs too! :D

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  8. so funny how simple things in a bathroom can make it feel so spa-like and luxurious! love your picks!


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