Month in review: November 2012

November came and went so quickly.  It was an incredibly busy month in my life.  The first couple weeks of a new job, preparing for the holiday season, having my little brother come home for Thanksgiving.  So many fantastic things, but not without it's fair share of stress.

Somehow I found myself with time to draw every now and again.  I really do miss drawing, and I found that I really haven't done much of it since I decided not to major in animation.  Which is silly, so I'm drawing more again.  I even had time to see two movies in the theaters this month!  Definitely a nice break from my usual state of workaholism. 

There's also been plenty of Supernatural watching, because I have a problem.  I really like that show guys.  Like, A LOT.

Things that made November great:

☛ Seeing Cloud Atlas with Lauren and her friend Andrew.  Even if looking back on it, I really didn't like the movie all that much.  I could honestly write an entire review of that film and all of my little issues with it, but I won't.  The good bits were most definitely the score and BEN WINSHAW

☛ Lots of green tea.  I'm always drinking green tea guys, and it's wonderful.

☛ Green smoothies and juice.  I'm not a fruit person really, it's too sweet by itself, or too acidic, so I really like green smoothies.

☛ Pho.  I swear, whenever I'm stressed out, or not feeling 100% a bowl of Pho makes everything better.

☛ Watching old episodes of Supernatural.  Because I love that show.

☛ Working with awesome people who're interested in awesome things, and who ask you questions at work like "Who's your favorite Flash?" (Barry Allen, for those interested.  Duh.) 

☛ F. Scott Fitzgerald novels.

☛ Finally getting Tegan and Sara's "The Con", and listening to it on repeat.

That's pretty much been my November guys.  Lots of work, but some good breaks for unwinding every now and again.  Here's for a less hectic, but busy December!
Hope you all had a lovely November!

This Month In Movies: November 2012


  1. Ah I love Fitzgerald, I have a weird obsession with his wife Zelda!

    I'm glad I stumbled across your blog today, I'm now following :)

  2. I wanted to see Cloud Atlas, and I'm a bit sad about all the things I've heard about it... oh well.

    Honors for getting back into art!

  3. I haven't drawn enough lately either. I should go buy paints this week so I can paint. I really want to paint.

    A part of me is glad I didn't see Cloud Atlas. I'll probably see it on DVD.

    I've never seen Supernatural. Maybe I should...

  4. I still want to see Cloud Atlas. Don't know what it's about. But I'm interested.

    I'm glad you're drawing again! That's amazing, you're very talented!

    I hope December is a little less stressful.

  5. Haha this is so fantastic! I freaking love Supernatural! My brothers and I were obsessed with it a couple years ago, and we would stay up to unreasonable hours just to finish all the seasons. I haven't been watching the new season though! I need to get on that. I have been to obsessed with Criminal Minds. haha

  6. Goodness, I feel your workaholism. It's rough working two jobs, but it's worth it if you're strapped for cash!

    Hope you're having a good few days off.


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