It's only Monday...

It's still fairly warm here in Phoenix.  This morning on my way to work it was 47°, which is, I think, the coldest it's been this year, but the high today is 64° so it still doesn't really feel like December.  So much so that I' still wearing lightweight shirts and cardigans, and Autumn colors.  It just doesn't feel enough like Winter to make the switch yet.  Hopefully it'll get there soon.  I'm aching for Christmas sweaters, hot cocoa, and lights.

I may have accidentally give myself long-ish bangs last night while trimming my hair.  Cutting your own is always an adventure.  I have a feeling I'll be braiding them to keep them out of my face fairly often.  It's taken me years, but I finally wrapped my brain around french-braiding.  My hair is too short for one, but I can do french-braided pigtails, and bangs, which is good enough for me.

A friend of my mom's leant me "A Discovery of Witches" the other day.  She bought it, and when I mentioned that I'd been meaning to read it she asked me to take it home with me to read.  Super sweet of her!  Can't wait to finish it.

When I haven't been working (which, isn't often) I've been:

-Watching The Godfather trilogy with my mom.
-Baking Κουλουρακια.
-Putting together blogger mail and Christmas cards.
-Listening to Tegan & Sara's "The Con".
-Drinking Jasmine Ceylon.
-Making plans to see The Hobbit with Lauren and Alex on opening night.

How is your week going?


  1. I really miss Κουλουρακια... Send me some?
    I feel the same way about winter. I wish it was cold and cloudy! They say it'll cool down this week, we will see...

  2. Yeah, it's been pretty warm in Texas too, today it finally got into the 20s.

    I wish I knew how to French braid my hair...

  3. Wahh, I'm so jealous. It's been miserable here and raining for the past week. A-nnoying!
    I'm loving your layout - I'm way, way behind, but haven't seen it yet and think it looks gorgeous! xox

    1. Aw! Thank you Allison! I have this silly habit of changing it up all the time. This one's lasted for a while longer than the last few though so maybe I've found my blog layout niche?

  4. This is my final week of my first semester so I am slightly stressed. I really shouldn't be, though. Just one more paper to finish and a Spanish oral interview!

    Hope it becomes winter in Phoenix soon. Sorry if it seems like I'm bragging if I say I'm currently wearing a sweater and drinking hot chocolate...

  5. it's almost friiiiiiiiday! i'm from canada and where i'm at, it's cold (not too cold) but no snow. praying for snow for christmas haha


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