It's a balancing act...

(I found that postcard last night at a local bookshop, so naturally, I had to buy two...)

There's like this absolutely insane cycle in adult life that consists entirely of working every day, and not sleeping like, at all.  That's where I've been for awhile now, and I'm realizing that I need to put my organizational skills to use to manage my time.  So that things like sleep deprivation resulting in impromptu four hour naps when you really should be doing something productive don't happen as often as they've been happening to me.

I did quite luckily get a good couple days off for Thanksgiving.  My little brother flew in for the holiday, and we had a family dinner, and some time to spend together.  Not long enough, but I'll take what I can get.  Over the weekend we browsed the new three-story Restoration Hardware in town.  OH MY GOSH GUYS.  It's absolutely beautiful, so much fantastic furniture, and lots of gorgeous terrariums. (See above)

Black Friday was, of course, crazy.  I worked ten hours.  There was a pot-luck at work, which was kind of neat.  So much junk food though.  I'm still feeling it guys.  I don't usually do the whole "processed foods" thing, so my body is trying to adjust.  I did get a stellar deal on season seven of Supernatural (60% off!), so I'll be catching up on the episodes I haven't seen.

Things That Make Me Happy Right Now:

● Pho with extra cilantro
● Watching Supernatural before bed
● Tea instead of coffee (I told you guys I quit drinking coffee right?)
● My Brightest Diamond
● Grey sweaters
● Thai tea
● Washi tape
● Mini-Moleskine notebooks, so I can keep organized lists on the go
● This year's Blogger Family secret santa swap!
● Employee appreciation at work, and extra discounts on books :3

(p.s. I enabled my "sponsors" page.  It's fueled by passionfruit: ad swaps are easy and free with a promo code, but if you want to buy me my next cup of tea you're welcome to skip the promo code and pay $5 for 30 days!)


  1. That postcard is just absolutely perfect.

    I'm glad that you managed to survive Black Friday! And that you got to spend some time with Andrew.

    Why are grey sweaters just the best?

    Also, very excited for the Secret Santa swap!

  2. I need more grey sweaters in my life, as I only have one...

    Also, that postcard pretty much describes my entire blogging life. It's so beyond perfect.

    Mini moleskins FTW! I'm currently on my third one! They're so handy!

  3. I know what you mean, I feel like when factoring the commute to work and the working day, I have no time for me at all, and then I try to make time for me and it results in severe sleep deprivation. Thank goodness for the holidays though! xx

    Almost Delightful

    Ps your blog is really pretty :)

  4. this balancing act thing is something i think and write about a lot... and i still dont have it figured out!

  5. terrariums! aahhh!! i really need to make one...i've been quite lazy in the crafting/diy area lately -_- but that needs to change!


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