Oh my!  It's been a week since I've blogged, and I was on such a roll.

Oh well, I have valid reasons for being away from my computer.  Mainly, my working very hard, and preparing for a pretty awesome vacation I have planned (That I PROMISE I will blog about later.  I know, the suspense is killing you.)

So what has this week been comprised of?

➝ A very lazy Monday.

➝ Naps after work:  for some reason, the past week I've been absolutely exhausted after work during the week, so I come home and nap.  This is wonderful except for the part where I wake up between eight and ten in the evening.  This results in my watching old episodes of Supernatural until five in the morning, and then getting a few hours of sleep before I get up for the day.

➝ Taking care of the resident pigeon.  He flew into one of our windows, and is having difficulty flying.  So he's taken residence on our back porch.  He's very friendly though, and getting better every day.  I watched him practice flying low this morning.  I have a feeling he'll be on his way soon.
In the meantime we'll keep leaving him water and seeds while he's recovering.

➝ Planning for the aforementioned awesome vacation, AKA, the blogger meetup I've mentioned a few times previously.  (I'm just KILLING you with suspense aren't I?)

➝ Drinking obscene amounts of jasmine green tea.

➝ I took the girl I used to nanny for (Anastasia's youngest sister) out for ice-cream while she was in town with her father.  It was lovely catching up.  She's SO TALL NOW.  Quite the young lady.  All grown-up, and it feels like only a short time ago we were building forts and spending entire days reading Harry Potter.)

➝ Putting together a playlist for my first ever plane ride!

➝ Reading The Lord of the Rings in the morning before work.

What were you up to this week?


  1. If I don't comment now, I might forget to later. So here goes nothing!

    I'm finding being away from the computer nice, too. Aww, resident pigeon!

    *is insanely sad she can't go to Seattle but knows everyone is going to have a good time and there will be more in the future*

    I've been sick most of the week so just sitting at home, watching TV. Went and saw the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises with friends/attended an 18th birthday party. I really liked the movie, enhanced 'cause I got to see it with people I enjoy hanging with. :)

  2. Hooray for the Blogger Family trip! I hope everyone has fun, and I wish I could have gone :/

    I know people think I'm crazy, but I have a soft spot for pigeons...

  3. SEATTLE WAHOO! I am currently sitting on the floor of the Las Vegas airport. Definitely not sanitary, but there are no available seats.

    Also, I cannot wait to see The Dark Knight Rises.

  4. seriously, i'm so excited for you to be taking your first plane ride!! eeee!! & then i get to see you!

  5. i havent read the lord of the rings... but perhaps it would be a good one to start. do you find yourself visualizing the movies the entire time?

  6. Where do you work? Awe, the story about the pigeon is pretty adorable.

  7. Isn't Lotr a good read! I should read them all again before the Hobbit comes out! xx


  8. Yay for LOTR! I convinced my best friend to read The Hobbit and she loved it so I feel very accomplished. But okay, really, I can't formulate a proper comment right now because Seattle.

  9. I love this<3 Very cute. You got yourself a new follower:) Check mine out if you'd like!

  10. Cool! You've got a pigeon?!! Awesome XD


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