It's July!  Time goes by so quickly in the summer, especially when you use your time productively.  So far my July has been spent mostly at work.  It's a busy season in retail.  Preparing for back-to-school stock and what-not.  I've also spent a considerable amount of time catching up on chores around the house.  Not terribly exciting, but most definitely productive!

I have been able to fit in some fun here and there though.  Alex and I went to a pre-screening of The Amazing Spider-man last week.  I absolutely loved the movie.  It felt somehow truer to the comics than the previous franchise, and Andrew Garfield was a fantastic Peter Parker.  He had all the wit and teenage snark of the Peter from my childhood.  They left open plenty of room for a lot of great story-lines too.  I was very pleased with the film, and this is coming from someone who over-analyzes comic book movies.  I highly recommend you go see it if you have the chance.  We saw it in imax 3D (the tickets were free, I can never bring myself to buy an imax 3D ticket, so pricey!), and it honestly didn't distract from the film at all in my opinion.  So if you're into that sort of thing, don't worry about the 3D!  That was a pleasant surprise as I usually get dizzy in 3D films.

Lauren spent the weekend here.  I felt bad for having to work for part of her stay, but we were able to do some shop browsing, catch up on Sherlock, and see Brave.  A very pleasant weekend.


With the heat exceeding 115°F on the regular these past few weeks I finally decided it was time to invest in a few pairs of shorts.  I honestly don't know how I've gotten by all these years without shorts in the summertime.  I'm just glad to have them now.  Every chance I get I'm making cool drinks, and finding air-conditioned spots to sit and read.  I really just cannot stand this heat...

Well, I should get back to catching up on those chores, and try to finish one of the many books I'm reading.  Have a lovely day!


  1. Productivity is always a wonderful thing!

    Ah, The Amazing Spider Man was so great. I was hesitant at first, but I think I do love Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker a lot more than the previous series. I haven't read the comics though, so I'm glad to hear that this stayed true to them.

    Oh, Amy. 115 degrees. That just sounds so bad. I don't know how you survived without shorts before either!

  2. Yay productivity!

    And 115 degrees? I would be living in tank tops and shorts 24/7! And I thought Texas was unbearable in the summer...

  3. The weather here is ridiculous in July... Eeeek. Glad to hear you're faring well despite the heat and thank you for reminding me I STILL have to watch Sherlock.

  4. Please don't melt. Also, my sister is in town!

  5. The aesthetics on your blog are almost too good, Amy. My redesign is bound to pale in comparison!

    YAY SPIDER-MAN! I think we agree on everything about it. :)

    I'm also glad you to see Brave. Pixar almost never disappoints.


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