Online Window Shopping: 04

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I've never been a shorts girl. Maybe it's too many years of wearing tights in ballet everyday, and being used to at least some semblance of coverage on my legs.  But, alas, in Phoenix I'm realizing more and more that I should invest in a good pair or two of shorts to wear during the summer.  Only took me twenty years.  I like these pairs because they're not too short, and yet they still fall well above the knee.

Thoughts? Do you have a favorite pair of shorts you think should be an essential in my closet?

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I was browsing Modcloth the other night (SOMETHING I SPEND WAY TOO MUCH TIME DOING), and saw these shows and fell in love.  My favorite would have to be the third pair, but if I could I'd have them all!


A lot has gone down the past five days so look out for a personal blog soon.  
Hope you all are having lovely starts to your weeks!


  1. As far as shorts go, I took a while to catch onto the concept. Despite living in an equally hot state I didn't actually start wearing shorts that went above my knees until I was probably 16.

    And now that I've started working out constantly I've just lived in athletic shorts.

    But yeah. I have now come to love shorts.

    Also, those shoes are so cute. AHDKFSDKJKJFSK. I wish I had an infinite supply of money.

  2. Even though I'm wearing jeans currently, it's nearly impossible to not own shorts in Florida. Sadly, I've had the hardest time finding shorts I like for a few reasons. Mainly it's because only 'booty' shorts or super low cut jean shorts exist in most stores making it more trouble to seek out decent length ones, should you be so lucky to find them. That said, I've managed to end up with a few favorites I wear consistently, but they're considered 'juniors' sized and I doubt you'd want that.

    It's weird making the transition from 'juniors' to 'misses,' but it is entirely necessary at this point. I guess it makes sense at 17 going on 18. (Darn. I wish I could've sang 16 going on 17.)

    I personally like the shoes in the middle, yet those are all cute. Modcloth is fantastic.

  3. What Lizzie said. I'm so sick of booty shorts. Hello, I am not paying $20 for something that barely covers my ass. I wish I was shorter so they could be at least a little longer... But those pairs I very much like. Oh, Madewell. How you tempt me. Oh, and Modcloth too. All of those shoes. ALL OF THEM!

  4. wow I love the second pair of shoes! those wedges in blue are fabulous!! :)

  5. #2 shoes are to die for!!


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