Get Inspired with Kaylie of Word Doodles!

(Kaylie and myself a year ago at the Harry and the Potters concert.)

A year ago I met the lovely Kaylie of Word Doodles, for the first time after many years of blog-friendship, at a Harry and the Potters concert.  It's so neat being able to meet other bloggers in the "real world".  Especially super awesome ones like Kaylie.

Well, Kaylie is starting a series on her blog called "Get Inspired".  Get Inspired is a series of interviews she's conducting with bloggers from all over the blogosphere that inspire her.  I feel very lucky to say that I am one of those bloggers, and I was given the chance to be the first interviewee!

So go check out my Get Inspired interview, and Get Inspired!


  1. You two are adorable. I shall check out the interview momentarily. :)

  2. my gosh! I completely just got a flash back and remembered Harry and the Potters. Hope you had a good have a very sweet blog.x


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