This is shaping up to be a pretty fantastic summer. I have plans that I'm excited about (see: BLOGGER FAMILY TRIP OF DREAMS AND WONDER), and everything is just looking up for whatever reason. No complaints here Universe.  I'm quite happy for the optimistic outlook the summer is giving me.

I have a Disney movie night planned with my friend Eric which is sure to be awesome, and plans to go antiquing and then out for sushi with Lauren.  I've been having fantastic luck finding single issue versions of Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics (Essential Vertigo editions), and I was pleased to be able to grab the first two seasons of Supernatural on DVD for nine dollars a piece at a local bookstore. Not to mention I've started making my summer lemonade, and not to brag or anything, but I make REALLY GOOD lemonade.

I've also decided to start taking some dance classes again.  Yoga has pretty much dominated my physical activity for the last year, and I'm missing dance.  Sure, I needed the break, and the recoup time, but I think a class every now and again will be a good thing.  I took modern from an old instructor of mine this week and it was fantastic.  Just so much fun, and I am so sore, but in the best possible way.

I've been reading Peter Cameron's The City of Your Final Destination  with a cup of coffee every morning before work, outside by the fountains.  It's lovely.  The book, and being able to spend an hour or so in the morning outdoors before it gets too hot to spend any time outdoors.  I really love Peter Cameron's writing style, and the way he paints characters, and brings them to life, he has such a fantastic way of portraying the humanity in a character be it through their beauty or their flaws.  I highly recommend this book as well as his YA novel Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You.  The City of Your Final Destination was made into a film not long ago starring Anthony Hopkins and Charlotte Gainsbourg amoung others.  I thought it really did the book justice, and was just a lovely film in it's own right.  See it if you're so inclined, you won't regret it.

Listening to music like this on Bandcamp.  Watching lots of movies.  Reading Let's Pretend This Never Happened.  Going to the comic shop.  Eating avocados.  Watching kids play in the fountains by my work.  Going to the library.  Babysitting awesome kids.  Re-learning how to knit.  Constructing a plushie version of the Tardis.  Jasmine perfume.  Green tea.  Browsing Anthropologie. Yoga.


  1. I can't wait to see how your TARDIS turns out!

    Also, Peter Cameron <3

  2. I'm glad you've been having a good summer and that you loved my spring playlist. That makes me really glad. Expect a summer mix soon! :)

    I wish I could get back into dancing...maybe I will in college. Hmm, things to think about.

    I've been watching a bunch of movies, too. I mean, what else is summer good for?

    Take care! <3

  3. i feel like one day I'll look back and mourn the shortage of YA fiction on my reading list...

    At the same time, whenever i want to read something, i typically juat reread something I remember really liking. Usually I just restart The Great Gatsby...

  4. Ahhh your summer sounds great. Do I also see a hint of scrapbooking in there too? Love it.
    I have to admit I don't watch a lot of movies in the summer, that's my winter thing. It just doesn't seem right to put on a movie when the sun is still up. I do however love summer theatrical releases - Batman, I am counting down the days...

    1. the only reason i watch movies during the summer is because it's too hot here to do much else.

      i'm very excited for batman! and spiderman!


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