For someone who's supposed to stop drinking coffee because it upsets my tummy, I can't stop going to coffee shops.  The various local coffee hubs in Phoenix are all fantastic, I haven't been to one I dislike. They always make excellent espresso, have many baked goods, including those of the vegan and gluten-free variety, and are just all-around pleasant places filled with pleasant and interesting people.

Today was spent sipping a lemonade (as i mentioned: trying to quit coffee again...) in the above local coffee shop with Lauren, who had a delicious looking chai. We also visited a sweet shop and a record store to browse a bit.  Lovely day.

I took a ballet class this morning.  It's been quite awhile since I've taken a full ballet class, and it was really great.  I'm sure to be very very sore, but it was worth it.  Hopefully I can keep up motivation to take more classes this summer.

Other things I've been spending my time doing: working, napping whenever the chance presents itself, re-watching season one of Supernatural, listening to the Good Omens audiobook, finishing Let's Pretend This Never Happened (it was AWESOME)and working on some up-coming blogging awesomeness (you'll all find out eventually).  

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  1. You should try switching to tea! My roommate quit coffee this year because she realized she was drinking way too much.

    I've been taking ballet lessons from a friend via Skype, recently :)

  2. Goodness, I nap every change I get, too... which isn't the best thing because I've got more homework than I've ever had stacked up and I'm booked for 82 hours this week. Gah. Stress monster.

  3. I never drank coffee because the few times I've tried it it upsets my tummy, too. And fortunately in my suburban neighborhood there are more smoothie shops than coffee shops. I'm sure I'll be in for a change this fall!

    I really want to read Let's Pretend This Never Happened. I'm not sure who recommended it to me, but hopefully I can check it out this summer.

    Hope you're well. <3

  4. Phoenix seriously has some of the cutest coffee shops now a days, I just wish they were around when I still lived out there. But they sure are fun to visit when I'm in town :)

  5. After hearing everyone recommend Let's Pretend This Never Happened, I must now read this as soon as possible. I just need to get to Half Price Books sometime soon. I've never liked the taste of coffee, but I do appreciate the delicious smell of it for some reason. Good luck trying to kick your addiction, haha.

  6. I'm glad that you enjoyed the ballet class :). I love going to coffee shops too, they're such relaxing places to be xx

  7. Oh my goodness, ballet! That's so amazing. I've always loved dance and today I'm actually taking my first official dance class...tap dance!

  8. I love the smell of coffee, but I've never been able to drink it with my stomach as it is. I wish we had some decent tea rooms around here, but unfortunately most shops around me are closing down rather than new ones popping up. I have been spending a little time in a Somali cafe near me, which seems to be crowded all hours of the day by men and women drinking scalding hot tea from tinsy cups, whilst standing outside the cafe and having a good laugh. I'm not one for standing on the pavement, but looking out from one of the tables inside is quite nice. It's always fun seeing people laughing, more so because you can't hear their conversations through the glass.

  9. Your day sounds lovely and I commend you on your goal to quit drinking coffee. I wish I had the will power. I'd love to take a ballet class

  10. Loving the new look...and loving all this talk of lemonade and coffee shops.
    Thank you again for my post! :) You are the best. <3

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