My weekend was lovely. Simply lovely.

I spent my Saturday Antiquing with Lauren.  We came across a box of old photos and sifted through the lives of the people in them.  So many baby photos of people who're probably in nursing homes now, and photos of boyfriends off to war.  I always feel a bit odd looking through other people's lives like that... I wonder if when I'm old and gone my photos might end up in some antique store.  So peculiar.
After browsing the shops we went out for sushi at a new place that serves it on a revolving belt.  So much fun.  It's neat seeing all the different dishes float by, and picking out the ones you want.  Hopefully she and I will do this a lot over the summer.

Disney night with Eric was, of course, fantastic.  We watched Hercules which I hadn't seen in FOREVER.  

This afternoon I sat down at a local coffee shop with my friend Alex who's helping me out with a project for my little brother.  It was nice to sit and catch up even if it was only for an hour or so.

I got to go by the library today which was really nice.  I found Jonathan Franzen's How To Be Alone for 25¢, which I think was a pretty great deal.  As well as a book of Rudyard Kipling stories (also 25¢) that were selected by Somerset Maugham.  I've always liked short stories, and essays so these books seem promising.  Also, I grew up on Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories, and Jungle Book stories, so reading some of his more adult work will be wonderful.

Tomorrow is laid-back.  I'll be sitting close to my mailbox waiting for my book-swap gift, and then it's back to work on Wednesday.  C'est la vie.


  1. I'm glad your weekend was good :) and the sushi place sounds fantastic.
    I actually love looking through older photographs and imagining peoples lives and thoughts.
    see you next month! (AHHHH, LITTLE FREAK OUT BECAUSE NEXT MONTH. okay I'm done.)


  2. Sushi on a conveyor belt!? MEGA RAD.

    I just sent out my book today, which makes me a bad person. I actually don't ever have time to go to the post office during hours, so I had to buy a new one and have it shipped from Amazon! Dumb.

  3. AH! We have a conveyor belt sushi place in Dallas and it's SO AWESOME!

    I too am anxiously awaiting my book's arrival!

  4. your summer sounds fantastically relaxing. i'm so jealous

  5. I've never seen old photographs in an antique shop, but I haven't visited one in forever. I miss visiting the flea market with my dad every Sunday. That used to be the highlight of me weekend...

    I hope you continue having an awesome summer and you enjoy your book-swap book! :)


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