"May your coming year be filled with magic, and dreams, and good madness..."


Twenty-eleven was a whirlwind of new experiences, the beginning of my second decade on this fantastic earth, and full of laughter and tears.

Perhaps twenty-twelve will be even better? Surpass last year in every imaginable way?  
I'd like to think it will.  I like things beginning again as if new, I like new adventures, and new people, places, and things to fall in love with.  Here's to a year of adventure, of discovery, of compassion, and symphonies of sound, and brilliant and vibrant life.  Here's to life itself, to our universe and it's vast secrets and mysteries waiting for us to unravel them.  Here's to twenty-twelve.  
May it be "-filled with magic, and dreams, and good madness.."

Much Love,


  1. New year always brings with it a hope; that somehow we may be forgiven for time wasted in the passed year, hope to new adventures.

    Here's hoping this year is all of that for you!


  2. Well said, Amy.
    "Here's to twenty-twelve."

  3. A year of new things would be very welcome.

    magic, dreams, and madness, huh?
    madness always ends up being more interesting, anyways.

  4. I loved this. Happy New Year, Amy. :)

  5. Hooray for new beginnings!

  6. I hope this year is better than ever :)

  7. Ammmmy, saw on your tumblr that you've been ill so I hope you're feeling better :)


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