My cold is finally seeming to vacate my body.  I felt well enough to get out of this house this weekend and it was wonderful.  I spent Saturday evening out with Lauren browsing the mall a bit.  There are so many lovely thing in Anthro this season.  It was sensory overload, but in a good way. After our mall browsing, and tea shop visiting my brother met up with us and we went to see the new Mission Impossible film.  I always enjoyed those movies as a kid, but the third one completely lost me.  I was just completely disappointed in it, and had decided I'd never see another one of the films, but I'm very glad I saw the new one.  It was fantastic.  If you're an action film fan you'll definitely like, it and even if you were disappointed with the previous installment like I was, I think you'll find that this one does not disappoint.  I'm not going to give anything away, but it definitely was one of those "edge-of-your-seat" movies, and it was done very well.  So, kudos to Lauren and my brother for getting me to see it.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of months of busyness.  Between my "generic retail job", teaching, helping out with my old dance school's spring production, and various other activities this is going to be a busy time for me, but when I'm busy I always tend to get a lot more done.  Yay productivity!

I do have things to look forward to soon though.  Like the Tour De Nerdfighting, Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Godesses, Disney movie night with my friend Eric, and the SEATTLE TRIP OF DREAMS AND WONDER (as Maggie has kindly dubbed it).  So, it's not all work and no play by any means.

Speaking of play, here's a list of things I've been meaning to do:

-Rainbow Cupcake Baking
-Re-learn how to knit
-Finish Arrested Development (I know, I know...)
-Make soap with Lauren
-Finish reading all of the books I have out from the library (30+)
-Bake a pie from scratch
-Go thrifting for the first time in 2012


  1. Ugh. I just love you. July cannot get here soon enough.

  2. Yay productivity indeed! I need to finish writing letters to everyone before the month is out.

    You definitely have a lot to look forward to, which is always nice. As far as Seattle goes, I think my family is more hesitant to let me go because they barely know you guys.

  3. You have 30+ books checked out of the library?! WOW.


    Your list is impressive.

  4. you are so cute in the photo.
    it was awesome to speak to you last night <3
    july...oh my goodness...i cant wait! <3

  5. I might have to check the new MI out, I hated 2 and 3. I'm getting tired of reboots, especially after how shockingly bad Die Hard 4 was, but I'm in the mood for a decent action film.

    Ha, I probably shouldn't admit that I've never seen an episode of Arrested Development before, but I'm not very good at keeping up with tv (I've never seen The Wire either!). And yay for knitting, I've been working on socks and gloves for the upcoming months.


  7. PS Ted is going to Seattle to see the Zelda concert too!!!!!!!! I am his backup date if his friend can't make it to Portland.

  8. julyjulyjuly~

    did you ever go thrifting? SHOW US YOUR FINDS!


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