Okay, so it isn't Winter yet, not "officially", but by Phoenix standards I doubt it's going to get more wintery than this.

Yesterday was very chilly, I was glad to be spending most of it indoors with the heat on at work.  In fact, it was so chilly, that at my friend Eric's house, IT SNOWED.  Yeah, for our part of the world that doesn't happen often.

So how do I occupy my "Winter" evenings?

  • Drinking hot chocolate
  • Bundling up in lots of blankets and watching Supernatural
  • Online window shopping
  • Cleaning my bedroom
  • Trying to decide which of the 24 books I got from the library I should read first
  • Photographing part of my vinyl collection for a local record store's contest
  • Drinking more hot chocolate
  • Listening to Loreena McKennit radio on Pandora
  • Finishing the first issue of Justice League (New 52)
  • Remembering how awesome it is that the comic store I frequent has a box in the back with my name on it that they put comics I want, and recommendations for things they should order based on my tast in.
  • More hot chocolate
  • Sleep under 1000 blankets


  1. That sounds so much fun, <3

  2. Winter is the best. There's so much to love about cold weather.

  3. Snow in Arizona? That's pretty crazy! Yeah, hot chocolate and blankets are essential for me during the winter too. My bed is literally just a giant mass of 12 different blankets all tangled together...

  4. ok so are caught up with supernatural?!? because i would really like to talk to you about it!!

  5. Ugh, you can have the winters from here - I'm already beyond sick of the cold weather! Sounds like you're fully invested in winter activities :)

  6. I love winter! Cold as all get out, but I'm happy to see you've got wintery activities to keep your heart all warm!

  7. This is a great pic! Did you take that with your iPhone?

  8. I didn't know it snowed here! I've yet to see snow in AZ, and I've only lived here my whole life... And hot chocolate sounds amazing right now!


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