Counting My Blessings

❝ Just move to the internet, it's great here!  We get to live inside where the weather is always awesome! ❞
-John Green

Sometimes life exceeds all expectations. 

This week, these past few weeks, have been very busy, and have had their ups and downs.  The downs consisted of a lack of free time, and not getting enough sleep, and a few 24 hour colds, but the ups have far outweighed the downs.  I like to think that that's how life goes.

I know you're not supposed to count your blessings, but sometimes I think it helps one appreciate the little things in life more.  So here we are, I'm counting my blessings:

  • I've been really enjoying work these past few weeks.
  • I love the comics shop by work, and the goodies I take home from it.
  • There's been a lot of green tea in my life lately.
  • I got Radiohead's "King of Limbs" on vinyl for $5
  • I took one of the lovely Kelly Kilmer's art journaling classes with my mom.
  • Made a beautiful hand-bound book.
  • I have the best friends.
  • Maggie called me and had Joey Richter of Starkid on the phone for me.
  • That was really cool.
  • I got lots of cute socks at Forever 21 for 95¢ a pair.
  • And now it's raining out, which is fantastic.
Now I'm ready to bundle up with some cocoa, open my window, read Lost At Sea, and listen to the rain.
What are some recent blessings you've been counting?


  1. blessings:
    chai tea, green tea, my sociology class, DH part 2's special features, having an extremely awesome blogger family<3


    Friends. Being able to run again after a weak of injury. Food.

  3. That's so fantastic that you talked to Joey Richter!

    My blessings:
    rainy afternoons, warm pancakes and banana bread muffins, chamomile tea, good grades (for the time being), and good friends (for always, hopefully).

  4. :D Counting the good things in life is always great!

  5. I haven't bought a decent comic/graphic novel in ages. Been looking at getting some off Nobrow, just because I feel the need to read something new (in particular

    Yay for green tea! My brother bought some steamed Korean the other day that was rather nice, but I have my eye on something with a thicker taste. Plus I have yet to find some decent matcha to have with my breakfast.

    And I wish it was raining here. It has taken a plunge temperature wise, but it's overcast and just plain grey...soulless I guess, some wind or rain would work a treat methinks. Plus whenever I go for a walk lately everyone seems in a hurry, which always makes me feel odd, being the only person strolling and all.


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