Handmade Mondays: 05

Handcrafted His and Hers Wooden Sunglasses // Set of Two // Bride and Groom Wedding Honeymoon Gift by: Tumbleweeds

There's just something so cool about the many styles of wooden sunglasses in Tumbleweeds' shop.

Note Card Set // Triangles are a Girl's Best Friend by: Wit and Whistle

I love simple geometric designs, especially in notecards and staionary, something about the minimalism of it all. These notecards by Wit and Whistle are just perfect.

Felted Soap with Geometric Motif (Lemon Verbena) by: So Fino

Felted soap is so neat. It's not messy, and when done right it's super cute!


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  2. I can't believe I've never tried felted soap. This must be remedied, that soap by So Fino is adorable. And wooden sunglasses? Yessss!


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