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Seafoam Eyes' Wishlist No. 1

Lauren posted a wishlist and prompted other bloggers to do the same.  So, here's a short wishlist of things I've had my eye on lately.

Anthropologie always has lovely things I keep my eye on.  Usually, it's kitchenwear, loungewear, and beauty products. 
I have a slight obsession with loungewear.  Maybe I'm a comfort junkie?  I just can't ever have too many pairs of pajama and lounge pants.  Ever.  I espeically love the two pairs pictured above.
I also love perfumes, but I rarely buy them because I always end up sticking to one sent and I feel like the others I've accumulated go to waste in a way.  Right now I wear Marc Jacobs, and rarely stray from it, but I would love a roller bottle of Royal Apothic's Earl Grey perfume, and I feel I'd use it very often.  It has such a fantastic, clean, crisp scent.  
The peeled paint pouch is just so pretty don't you think?  I love pouches, and this one is lined with a vinyl so whatever you put inside won't damage the pouch if it spills or leaks (that has sadly happened to my on more than one occaision.).

I'll do the same as Lauren and prompt any reader who so wishes to post a wishlist of their own, and then comment with a link. :)


  1. I love those comfy pants! I may do a wishlist myself, but for now, just wanted to comment :)

  2. That earl gray Royal Apothic perfume is incredibleeee. And I love comfy, good-looking loungers, too. I spend so much time in pj's that it's a definite plus if they look appealing. :)

  3. I'd like a girl who wears Earl Grey perfume. Haha. And comfy pants that look cool are a wonderful find. If you weren't saving money for Seattle (right ;) I'd say splurge!

  4. those pants looks fab! and so comfy!!! :D


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