❝ Dr. Adler had instructed me to always say whatever I was thinking, but this was difficult for me, for the act of thinking and the act of articulating those thoughts were not synchronous to me, or even necessarily consecutive. I knew that I thought and spoke in the same language and that theoretically there should be no reason why I could not express my thoughts as they occurred or soon thereafter, but the language in which I thought and the language in which I spoke, though both English, often seemed divided by a gap that could not be simultaneously, or even retrospectively, bridged. ❞
—Peter Cameron (Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You)


I should be sleeping, I have class early tomorrow morning, but I miss my blog, and I miss all of you, so I'm blogging.
I know I'll regret not getting to bed earlier, but there's just no helping it. It's been too long.


Busy doesn't begin to cut it, but the word busy is all I can think of to describe it. My life is comprised of running from one place to the other. From job to job, library to library, to Ikea, and my old dance studio, and all over the place.

The more I get into this teaching job the more I love it. I love my adorable preschool students, and their energy and interest. It's just a whole lot of fun.
I mean, it's tough, it's a workout, and they're a handful, but I love it.

My dad took me to Ikea on Sunday so I could buy a dresser for my bedroom. It's been awhile since I've had one where the drawers work...
So, I browsed for awhile, found the perfect dresser, bought it, took it home, and built it myself. This must be what being a working adult is like. I feel so achomplished having done that. I bought a piece of furniture guys! Best part? It's perfect for my room, and perfect for the space it needed to fit in. Love it.
Ikea is this magical land of Swedish design and I have way to much fun there. Plus, they have crazy good food. Lingenberry juice and a cinnamon roll? YES PLEASE!


I had a cold last week, but it blew over, little did I know it would give me post-viral arthritis a week later. I ended up home sick with really bad joint pain for a few days at the end of the week. Plenty of tylenol and sleep. It was awful. I couldn't do much moving at all.
I'm glad that's overwith. I enjoy being pain-free. It's nice. Doesn't hurt. Y'know?

In other news I enjoy texting Maggie when I geek out over various things.
Hopefully she's not getting tired of it...

Enjoy the starts of your weeks guys!


  1. My week is going swimmingly so far :) I LOVE IKEA. SO MUCH.

  2. I miss you. Too.

    I'm so glad that despite how busy you are, you're loving it. And that your teaching job is so amazing. :) I haven't been to Ikea in forever, but I am so looking forward to getting to go there to get all of my college dorm room supplies!

  3. I will never, ever get tired of our conversations. They always make me smile! Hopefully you don't get tired of me either.

  4. i miss you too. so glad you are back.
    oh, i wish i could text you and maggie. that would be awesome. :)

  5. Glad you're back! (Even at the expense of your sleep - is that selfish of me?).
    Yay for working with kids! As exhausting as it is (and some days when you want to rip your hair out), the good days make up for all the crappy ones. And having worked in a day care before (which was maybe the worst experience of my life and almost turned me off from teaching), I can honestly say that preschools/young kids need people who genuinely care about them to be teachers/instructors! So yay, you!
    Omg, I went to Ikea for the first time a month ago - I have never been so overwhelmed. I don't know how you can go there for one thing and walk out with just that one thing - so many amazing pieces to choose from (and for SO cheap!).
    Hope you're feeling better, dear! xo

  6. I've always wanted to teach, it looks like so much fun. Plus I seem to be rather at ease with children, probably because I'm quite happy to make a fool of myself to get them to laugh. And it's always nicer to be overworked than underworked!

  7. I just really feel for you with the busy-busy-busy life and all. I love you, and I'm proud of you for buying (and constructing) your own dresser!

  8. Oh my god... Lingenberries... Pairing them with crepes was the best culinary idea I've ever heard of. I'm determined to make this breakfast for the both of us someday!

    Hope to hang out with you again soon. :)


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