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-Hank Green



I'm baffled at how quickly time seems to pass. It doesn't feel like it's been that long since the above photo was taken.

I remember my childhood pretty well. I remember being little, and I remember middle school, and kindergarten. It's crazy to think that in only seven short days I'll be twenty. Twenty years old. Two decades of life behind me, the label "teenager" no longer applicable. It's so strange. I still feel like such a child in so many ways. Not grown up by any means. I'm all for Disney movie nights, and using side-walk chalk in the springtime.

But, what with the big two-oh approaching, my newfound employment, and a general newfound sense of adult responsibility I can't help but peg this as a milestone birthday. I'm not a kid anymore, and it's terrifying, but it had to happen sometime. It's definitely all so new to me.


:Party Time-

When it comes to birthdays I always tend to get excited, whether it's my own, or a friend's, I love thinking up gift ideas, and looking at decorations and cakes.

Here's some birthday stuff I've been gushing over lately:


Isn't that fantastic? I love the colors, and the best part about handmade pinatas is getting to fill them with whatever you want. Substitute the five for a zero and we're good to go.
There's also this really cool balloon banner, which looks like a really fun and colorful project.



Boatloads. of. washi. tape.
Stickers. Lots. Of. Stickers.
Black cat tape dispenser
A takoyaki/doriyaki pan.
Scribble Kitty tote bag.
Animal Parade tape.
Various. Lush. Goodies.
Many. Many. Hisaishi. Soundtracks.
Pouches. Pouches. Pouches.
This amazing clock.


:Other Happenings-

I had my first day of work on Monday. It was nice, my five hour shift went by so much faster than I had originally expected. So far I like my co-workers, and my managers, and being the master organizer I am I'm really enjoying working the stock room.
School started Tuesday. I'm not taking as many classes as I would have liked to this semester, but c'est la vie. Maybe I should be happy for the extra time since I'm working now? I taught adult ballet last night, subbing for a teacher at the studio I graduated from. It was great, but definitely exhausting. Just because you're not taking the class doesn't mean you aren't working hard.

Dillon sent me an early birthday gift in the mail. Lots of little reminders of childhood, lovely owl pendant necklace, and a beautifuly decorated package!
FYI, I have the coolest cousin ever.

I finally saw Fight Club. Yes, I had never seen it before, no I still haven't read the book. I am planning on it though. I should probably add that to my "wishlist". The film was fantastic. I knew a few spoilers here and there, but none of them were big enough to ruin it for me. IT WAS AMAZING. Definitely in my top five films now. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in seeing a well done, and thoroughly thought provoking film. In fact... I feel like watching it again now.
Oh, and it was a fantastic buy. I bought it at a second-hand bookshop for fifty cents on VHS.


:Current Obessions-

Boba tea. Miyazaki films. The IT Crowd. Herbal teas. Washi tape. Enya. Star Trek TOS. Strawberry Kool-Aid (it tastes like jello). Stickers. Library trips. Back issues of Dwell magazine. Postcards. Single signature molskine notebooks.



    I love love love planning parties and putting gifts together. Especially surprises! Funnest thing ever.

    I'm glad that you are liking work at your generic retail job! I still have applications to fill out to see if anyone else will take me. Boo.

    And I have yet to see Fight Club, and really want to read the book before I do so, but I have so many other books lined up for me to read that I'm borrowing/have already bought that I don't see that happening for awhile.

    *begins crafting birthday package that will most likely be late because I'm bad at getting things out on time*

  2. If you liked the movie fight club, I'm sure you'll love the book. And if you discover you like Palaniuk's writing style you should also check out the book Pygmy.

    Sometimes I feel so young compared to people my age. I'm not really in a hurry to be an adult :P

    I LOVE that pinata!

  3. Little Amy is so precious! :) Seriously, getting older is so weird. I mean, I feel like I'm still a little kid in a teenager's body! I guess that's what 90 year old people still feel like... I don't know. It's just all too odd to think about. But yeah, leaving the land of teenagerdom is definitely a huge milestone.

    I'm glad that your new job is going well! And good luck balancing that with school.

    Yay! I loved Fight Club! I'm glad you did too. :D

  4. oh that picture is so awesome. you look so cute! :)
    ooh 20. well, you could try being 20-teen. :) thats what i thought when i turned 20.
    a number pinata!!! thats like the best idea everrrr! and i love that cake so much.
    washi tape is ever so pretty...i am in love.
    my friend has that scribble kitty bag, its so funny and cute.
    glad work is good! and that you are enjoying it.
    thats awesome that you taught a adult ballet class! how fab!
    the IT crowd...<3

  5. twenty is a milestone age(take it from someone who knows)!
    i know at the time it can seem like the saddest thing, whatwith you not being a teenager anymore and being entrusted with more responsiblity than you think you can handle, but trust me it does get better.u become so much more sure of yourself as a person, and everything gets so much more simpler, and you can just sit back and separate yourself from all the un-necessary drama!

    i love your writing and hope u have a super 20!


  6. The cupcakes look like muppet nipples. (As in nipples that would belong to a muppet.) This is why I should never watch TV.

  7. I love birthday things! That cloud cake is too cute.

  8. That is the most adorable picture of you, dear!
    Twenty is definitely a big year - and I think milestone birthdays are subjective - different things you go through in life will have different meanings. It's about making the most of each and every year - and I love that you're as into celebrating birthdays as I am! My family has always made a really big deal out of each and every birthday (obviously some more than others), and that is definitely something that I think is really important!
    I'm glad that your job is going well so far. Good luck balancing work and school - you're a smart girl, I'm sure you'll figure it all out :)
    You definitely need to read Fight Club! Palahniuk is one of my favorite authors in the world - so talented.
    Happy early birthday, dear! xo

  9. mmm boba tea. mmm edward norton in fight club. those color block triangle pouches are adorable, and i love the cat tape dispenser!

    your birthday section is my fav, and i can't wait to make my own confetti systems and a weather-themed cake some day.

    20 will be okay. chalking it up & disneying out just makes you a cool 20-year-old. i get sad when i LOSE interest in childish things. like why i ever lost interest in barbies or entertaining myself alone by imagining everything?(sounded super duper sexual) that's what makes me sad! happy almost beeday, sista.

  10. happy birthday amy!!
    my sister just turned twenty too & all she could think about was doing something recless while she was still a teenager. silly girl.
    i know that i always want to be 14! hehe. but 22 was a really good year too, so look for that! things happen your 22nd year.
    so exciting you saw fight club! i remember the first time i saw it was was like "WOA!!!" & "WHAT?!?!" haha good good film.
    hope everything will be wonderful with you : )

  11. YAY for birthdays :) That photograph of you is so adorable! I wish I had photographs of me as a baby or a kid, but unfortunately my parents didn't have the money for day-to-day living, let alone a camera at the time.

    Woah teaching ballet sounds like fun. One of my friends has just started ballet classes, I can't help wincing whenever I think of doing ballet, my teacher at the time was a nightmare.

    And heck yeah to Miyazaki films!


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