Handmade Mondays: 03


Raccoon Screenprinted Pillow by: Sass & Peril

I'm a forrest animal lover. I dunno... raccoons, foxes, rabbits, deer, they all make my insides fuzzy.

Cake Topper Set (custom) by: Ready Go

I'm not that wedding obsessed girl. Never really was. When my friends would play wedding I'd usually design their save-the-dates, and pretend to be the officiator. Sure, someday I'll get married, but I haven't started planning my wedding yet. The closest I've come is deciding on these adorable cake toppers.

Zipper Pouch-Cactus by: The Dainty Squid

Again, pouch love.

Amazing Things Will Happen by: Mary Kate McDevitt

I love positive typography, and this print is just super lovely.

Mini Goals Chalkboard - Yesterday - Wavy/Buttery by: Mary Kate Devitt

This is the perfect to-do board for me. Always the procrastinator...


  1. The little pillow is SO adorable! :D Foxes and rabbits and little critters like that are my favorite... I just want to snuggle with them. SNUGGLE.

    Yeah, I'm not a wedding obsessed person either, but I do still enjoy looking at all of the cute ideas that so many people have!

  2. I LOVE this blackboard. Man, I need to redecorate! :)


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