Handmade Mondays: 02


Poster Print Stig Lindberg Bersa - Great Way to Enjoy Tea by: Restyle

Stumbling upon the Restyle on Etsy was a very happy moment for me. I love posters, I love modern Scandinavian design, I love minimalism, this is all of that. There are so many absolutely wonderful posters in this shop, and they're all very reasonably priced. When it comes time for me to furnish/decorate my own place I know where I'm getting art for my walls.

Birthday - Bee Day by: Wit & Whistle

I'm a bee lover. We have a hive in our yard, and I love all of the little bees that fly out of it and help our various plants grow. I've entertained the idea of becoming a beekeeper. I just love bees.
So, naturally, I love this card

Owl Print by: The Nearsighted Owl

I also love owls, and this particular owl illustration is just too lovely! Have a look at her other illustrations too. Like her giraffe, and her hippo. Too cute!

Woodgrain and Buttons Zipper Pouch by: The Dainty Squid

You all know my love for pouches knows no bounds...


  1. I've been getting a little carried away buying things online this past week. Etsy feeds adiction!
    If only there was money enough to support my habits...! Laughs

  2. i love the tea print...so much.
    and the owl is so cute!

  3. Man, Etsy is seriously trying to make me go broke. Love the tea print!

  4. Ooh hello, might actually have to buy that tea print for my kitchen, the colour goes well. And thank you so much for the email.

  5. I love your new blog design! XOXO

  6. bee hive in your yard?? oh my goodness! i think i would be a little bit scared : )


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