❝ When it comes to hiccups, and also when it comes to everything else, I like to remind myself that every other time I thought something wasn’t going to end, it ended. ❞
-John Green

(one of those days where i miss my pointe shoes. i believe i took this a little more than a year ago.)

:Creative flow-

I like settling into things. Sometimes it takes awhile, but once I'm there the feeling of comfort is nice to have. Like with blogging, if have to settle into a new atmosphere in which to blog it can be hard to get flowing. In fact, due to my having to settle into a new atmosphere it's been awhile since I've actually properly blogged. Where have I settled most recently? The kitchen counter. I share the macbook with my mom at the moment, and she hooks the macbook up to some heavy-duty cutting equipment for her art, and does so in the kitchen. Which means, that while she's working on this current project, my computer time shall be spent in the kitchen, and let me tell you, it takes some getting used to.
For me, things flow better when I'm in enclosed spaces, and familiar ones, and ones that don't have lots of outside stimuli. The kitchen is the opposite of all of the above. I like working in my room with the window open, the fan on, my vinyl copy of The Jungle Book soundtrack playing in the record player, sipping some iced-tea. Comfortable, familiar, alone. I'm introverted like that. In the kitchen you have people coming in and out, getting drinks, cooking things, and since in my home the kitchen is sort of the center most point of the house, just walking through to get to another room. It's distracting...

So what would take me only a few moments to do in my room, concentrating, can take hours upon hours here...

I've also finally settled into the computer itself. Personalizing my user account, compiling all of my bookmarks, fixing up my google reader, putting together my iTunes.

It's slow and tedious productivity at it's best.


:Bits and Bobs-

I've been drinking italian sodas everyday this week. One of the local grocers are having a sale on Torani Syrups right now, and I got coconut and blueberry. Put those two together with some ice and San Pellegrino and you have the BEST Italian soda. Hands-down. Best.

Summertime calls for cold, sweet treats, so I've been having berries and cream regularly, and found that my grocery store (which stopped carrying them for awhile) sells Good Humor strawberry shortcake ice-cream bars again. My favorite.

The past two days have been spent etsy browsing, crane folding, last.fm listening, piano playing, Gatsby reading, and Sims playing...

Lazy, lazy, lazy.


  1. That's one reason why I'm glad that our desktop computer left its original position in the family room to upstairs in the spare bedroom/office room thing. It's much more private, and quiet too. Fellow introvert here!

    I feel like a terrible Italian for never having even heard of Italian soda before, but it sounds yummy. Same with berries and cream and strawberry shortcake ice cream. YUUUUM.

  2. That is one of my favorite John Green quotes.

    And it almost always takes me forever to finish a blog post. I don't know what it is, but it takes at least an hour for me to write some semblance of a post. It's the reason I have yet to write a blog about Harry Potter as I've been busy these past few days and it takes too long for me to write anything out. Frustrating.

    I knew that I loved The Great Gatsby, but I forgot just how much I loved it until I started reading it the other night. It made my heart happy.

  3. I open up notepad (it doesn't try to correct my capitilization) and type during work. That way, I'm not staring at a blank screen hoping for inspiration. It works for me.

    I love the Great Gatsby. So much.

    Those ice cream bars sound tasty!

  4. Today, I ate two ice cream cones at work and got sick. I am now over ice cream from the Wienerschnitzel for at least a week. Glad to hear you've got the computer to yourself again. And I miss you greatly! (Um, is this what comments on blogs are for?)

  5. I have not been blog reading in so long and just now started to catch up with your posts! This is so lovely, the quote at the top is really sweet and I love the ballet shoes, X

  6. P.S. following you on twitter! @thyladysays

  7. I'm like you, I can't blog, or write in general, unless I am comfortable and used to a space. Probably a bad habit, but I blog when sitting cross legged on my bed. I tried sitting on the floor and doing it, but it doesn't feel right. I'm sure that sounds weird, but you know what I mean.

    Oh and really, really sorry but I only just posted out my package to Dillon. Was meant to post it on Monday, but I've been in bed with a fever and stuff.

  8. The Great Gatsby is one of my all-time favorite books. It's one that I reread constantly and just find it so beautiful. During a snow day this past year, when I was literally snowed in home alone, I spent the day by the fireplace rereading it. Nothing was more perfect than that!
    Yum for coconut soda - unfortunately I gave up soda drinking, but am a devoted Pellegrino lover, so I guess that's an okay substitute! ;)
    Enjoy your summer, dear! Lazy days are completely acceptable during summer.

  9. these italian sodas sound wonderful.
    lazy days are the best. :D

  10. I find it easy to do things in familiar places too - for me, I blog in my room, generally cosied up in bed.

    Ohhh and those syrups, sound delish!


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