❝ He stretched out his hand desperately as if to snatch only a wisp of air, to save a fragment of the spot that she had made lovely for him. But it was all going by too fast now for his blurred eyes and he knew that he had lost a part of it, the freshest and the best, forever. ❞
—F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

(I spent an evening making some summer mix CDs for some friends. I really do enjoy making the cover art/sleeves for them.)

(Dillon sent me a package a few days ago! In it were some of his fantastic drawings, a mix CD, and an issue of Spin Magazine.)

(He also sent me this bribe: a menu to an amazing looking cafe in Seattle that serves organic baked goods. I may just HAVE to go up there soon now. He knows me well...)


(// Listening: Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying-Belle & Sebastian // Reading: The Great Gatsby-F. Scott Fitzgerald // Playing: Kingdom Hearts // Watching: The Servant //)



. This has been quite the week. There was an amazing dust storm that hit the city at full force midweek. The wall of dust, yes that stuff in those photos I linked to, not clouds, DUST, was something like seven-thousand feet high and fifty miles wide. It blew through at fifty miles an hour, and left the city covered in, well, dust. It was a scary thing not being able to see my own backyard for the thick fog of dust that replaced the air.

. The summer swap is nearing it's end. Packages should all be in the mail by Friday the 22nd. Notice how I left us all room to grieve over Harry Potter for a week. I hope everyone who participated had a good time.

. I know, I know, "Harry Potter this", "Harry Potter that", "I'm going to be swimming out of the theater through an ocean made of my own tears...", "blah blah blah", but I can't help it, and there's going to be some Harry Potter talk in this next bit, so if you're not interested you can just skip ahead a bit. No harm done.



First off: Matt Lewis (Neville) has most definitely outgrown his awkward stage. I mean, LOOK AT HIM.

Secondly: if you're in the mood for a good cry watch this and this.
They have a you-will-cry-or-your-money-back-guarantee.

Thirdly: I've decided to dress as Moaning Myrtle for the premiere. Being as pale as I am I figure I'll pull off the whole "dead" look nicely. Now, to find something that will pass as a Ravenclaw tie...


:Well Dressed Man-
:You All Know It's Going To Be About Zach Quinto Don't You?-
:Am I That Predictable? Oh Well.-

Those photos have me ridiculously excited for Margin Call, which promises not only to be an interesting film, but more importantly, full of a very well dressed Zachary Quinto, and his fantastic hair. October, come quickly!


:Etsy Finds-

(Constellation Letterpress Notebooks by: constellationco)

(Seedboms by: kabloom09)

(Small Anatomical Heart Necklace Brass "You Are Here" by: HouseThatCrowBuilt)


:Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon-

Today has been one of those lazy summer days. I'm trying to break my summer habit of going to bed at dawn. I went to bed at four... still not quite what I was aiming for. Of course, the whole going-to-bed-at-four thing allowed me to sleep in a bit, which was lovely. During these hot summer weeks it's always much more appealing to stay up late and sleep in, seeing as normal daytime hours are the hottest. So, that's what I've ben doing. It has been messing with my sense of time though...

I feel like Arizona Iced-tea should sponsor me or something... I talk about their teas enough. They could at least send me a truckload of tea? I would love that. I mean, I might as well live on the stuff, and would if I didn't need food to live.

Anyway, I spent the day drinking some Arizona iced green tea, listening to various playlists I've made for the summer, playing Kingdom Hearts, watching Twin Peaks, and playing piano. All in all a nicely spent Sunday. I love the laid-back summer days Arizona brings me. It's too hot to do much else on days like these other than sleep in and laze about.

The storms have been nice, although we've only had once that brought rain to our neighborhood. Hopefully there will be more rain to wash away the dust soon. Where ever you go in town the sidewalks still seem to have a thin layer of dust on them from that huge storm...


:That's all for now-

I'll be back soon. With Harry Potter news, info on a potential adventure, a summer dessert recipe, and hopefully some stories about a summer monsoon! I really want it to rain soon.


  1. I love to decorate the actual CD! I spent about an hour just doing the font for one of Kayli's CDs for the swap. Took forever, but was totally worth it because it's awesome if I do say so myself.

    That package and bribe that Dillon sent you if very funny and cute. I laughed when I saw the note on Twitter.

    Matt Lewis is damn fine. That is the only way I know to describe him. I just really cannot get over it.

    ". . . but more importantly, full of a very well-dressed Zachary Quinto, and his fantastic hair." Priorities: You have them.

    I was going to break my summer habit of going to bed past four too! I am obviously failing as it's 4:35 currently, but oh well.

  2. That dust storm looked crazy! I'm glad you're okay and everything.

    I sent out my package for Karen the other day, because I had a feeling if I waited until after Harry Potter, I would never have the motivation to do it...

    Yeah, um, Matt Lewis is living proof that anyone can overcome a painful puberty experience.

    AND YES, HIGH FIVE FELLOW MOANING MYRTLE! :) My costume is probably going to suck, but whatever...

    I love laid back summer days like that, which is what the majority of my days have been lately when I'm not working. Unfortunately my going-to-bed-ridiculously-late habit cannot happen this summer due to cross country practices every morning... I miss them.

  3. wow. wow. wow. zq is looking mighty fine!! yikes amy!! yumm. : )

  4. I love reading your posts with so much variety and eye candy (Hello, Mr. Quinto!) and I think I've said this before, but I have trouble finding what exactly I should comment on! :)

    That said, I love your creative CD and it's inspiring for me to finish mine.

    Take care! <3

  5. LOVE YOU AMY. you rule.

    oh i love matt lewis. hes such a nice guy, he really loves to talk to his fans. :)

  6. Finally getting my swap package together, will be posting it out first thing on Monday. Quite excited about it, hoping my partner likes it!

    And woah to those seedboms, they look so cool! We have building work going on, so once it's all finished, the garden will need some serious tlc. Thinking about planting some strawberry plants along one side, just so that there is always a quick dessert to be had in the Summer ;)


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