❝ The universe is big, it's vast, and complicated, and ridiculous, and sometimes, very rarely, impossible things happen and we call them mircales. ❞
-Doctor Who



I'm frequently, well, monthly anyway, astounded at how fast the months go by. Blink and it's June, blink again, July, one more time, August. You guys, It's August. When did that happen?

July of twenty-eleven will forever be etched in my memory as the official Harry Potter month of my lifetime. The last movie, Pottermore. Yes, I got a beta account for Pottermore on the 31st. It was very exciting.
But seriously, such a big part of my childhood, and it all sort of descended upon us this July. Magic.

What other exciting things happened this July?

Kayleigh started blogging. Kayleigh and I have been friends since pull-ups, sidewalk chalk, and imaginary games. We sadly don't see much of each other anymore as we're going to school in different cities, but we send each other snail mail and have turntable nights every now and again. Hopefully sometime soon we'll be able to visit. I'd love to make the trip down to her neck of the woods and spend a weekend someday.

I developed a habit of playing music late at night on I've found it hard not to go on that site if I'm on the computer. It's really neat being able to play the music you like for a "room" full of other people, and have them play things that they're interested in as well. It's a great tool for music discovery and I'm loving it.

I started making homemade sodas. My favorites so far are blueberry coconut, blueberry lime, and coconut ginger. There will be recipes later in this post!

:Adventures of a Girl With Newfound Allergies-

I've spent my whole life up to last summer not ever having allergies. Not seasonal allergies, or ones to food. I was just very lucky to have no allergies at all. Well, it couldn't last forever right? Allergies decided they'd pay me a visit last summer, and they haven't left since. So, they're less seasonal allergies, and more dust/pollen/everything that's floating through the Arizona air all year long allergies.

The recent string of major dust storms haven't helped much. I'm consuming eye drops and tissues like no other.

So, I did some research on allergies and found out that I can cut my sniffles by a bit if I switch to a free and clear laundry detergent. This way my clothes and bedding will be washed in 100% hypoallergenic soap, no dyes, no chemicals, no scents. It sounded good to me, but I wasn't sold on the "unscented" thing. I mean, half the fun of laundry is taking it out of the machine and having it smell freshly laundered, but I figured clean and allergen free was better than clean, scented, and full of things that'll make me sneeze and itch. So, I went to the store and compared the many brands of free and clear laundry detergents. I came home with Seventh Generation free and clear detergent . I've used their brand before and I figured it was a good place to start.

I just washed my first load with this new soap and it smells WONDERFUL. Not in a scented way, but in a clean way. I'm very happy. I use lavender dryer bags from Trader Joes when I use the dryer (it's usually not necessary during the summer. i use a clothes line most days.) so I can still scent my sheets and clothes with lavender as I'm not allergic to those. I LOVE them.


I'm not a soda person. I don't particularly like fizz, and I've never liked colas, or drinks that were super sweet. I'll have a Seven-Up every no and again, but not often. When I do have sodas it's usually an Italian soda at a cafe. There's such variety, and it doesn't have to be too sweet if you don't want it that way. Plus, the bubbles are natural since mineral water is used to make these.

As I mentioned a few posts back one of the grocery stores in my area had a sale on Torani syrups, which are the flavorings for Italian sodas. I only got two flavors, blueberry, and coconut, but I've been making more than just two flavors of soda with them. Below I'll share the recipes for me three favorites.


Fill a glass with ice cubes, pour a little bit of both blueberry and coconut syrup, half a tablespoon each, into your glass, now fill it with mineral water and stir. I use San Pellegrino. Stir. Ta-da!

:Blueberry Lime-

Put ice in your glass, add about a tablespoon or so blueberry syrup, and juice from half a lime. I squeeze it by hand and leave in the pulp. Fill the rest of the glass with Pellegrino, stir, and enjoy.

:Coconut Ginger-

Put some ice in your glass, add coconut syrup, about a tablespoon, I don't really measure. I just eyeball it. Once you've made the soda you can add more so I'd use less the first time and see how you like it. This goes for the two recipes above too.
Anway, coconut syrup. Now, finely grate some fresh ginger. This I don't measure either. I just add however much or little I want. Once grated put it in your glass, add the Pellegrino, stir, and enjoy. It's delicious. This one is my favorite.

:Job Training-

Okay, I don't have the job, yet,. Remember? I have an application in at a local comicbook shop?
Well, I called the manager, and he said they'll be hiring in August because that's when all of the highschool kids who just needed summer jobs quit, and they'll be short staffed. So, I'm going to be making my second follow-up call tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed? I would love to have this job.

I'm fairly confident that I'm qualified as well. I've done volunteer work for bookstores multiple times. I'm used to taking inventory, and shelving books, as well as helping customers find what they need. Plus, I'm a big comic nerd.
You see though, you can never be too prepared, so I've been reading a lot of comics these past few days. All in the name of "preparation" of course. Can't be too prepared. Haha.

Okay, so maybe I'm reading comics because I want to, can't hurt though haha.
What I've been reading? Watchmen, Persepolis, Death: The High Cost of Living, and Persepolis 2.

I loved them all. What have you been up to?


  1. I clicked the link to Kayleigh's blog and have since started following. She seems made of awesome. :)

    In regards to the comicbook shop job, my fingers are crossed for you! I think that would be a rewarding job and not one you end up resenting.

    I cannot believe it's August, and in response to your most recent comment on my blog, it is really insane that I have to go back to school in nine days. Where did my summer go?

  2. love your t-shirt amy!!!
    well done for getting your pottermore account!
    all these sodas sound super duper yummy.
    ah comicbook shop job...thats the dream!!!! :D good luck.
    i love persepolis, its such a good book.

  3. Allergies are the pits! Having been sensitive to many different products as well as seasonal allergies I know exactly where your coming from. Another great way to get some 'safe sents' into your cloths is hankies dropped with oil essences folded in the draws.

    Best of luck with the Comic store job! Perfect job for a nerd. (we wouldnt be any other way!)


    Blueberry and Coconut!!! I need to see if these are sold here. Made me so thirsty reading about it.

  4. Love your shirt, am checking out your friend's blog, and cannot believe it's already August. I hope hope hope you get that job at the comic book store!

  5. Amy! :) I miss our adventure games. I recently told a friend about Mr. Skeleton, and he was amazed. I miss you bunches! I hope you get a chance to come down. There is always my futon here for you! <3

    And, I will try those recipes soon. They sound so refreshing!!

    Good luck on the comic job! That would be crazy fun!


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