"We are unhappy because we do not see how our unhappiness can end; whereas what we fail to see is that unhappiness cannot last, since even a continuance of that same condition will bring about a change of mood. For the same reason happiness does not last."
-William Gerhardie (Of Mortal Love)



I bought the above record album for three dollars last week. I'm in love.
I seem to have started a collection of Disney albums over the last year and this was a wonderful addition. The cover folds out and reveals a beautifully illustrated picture book. I think that and my Jungle Book album are my two favorites right now.


I went with my family to see Thor a few nights ago. It was spectacular. This, coming from a comic book nerd who could never get into Thor. It was captivating, visually, plot-wise, and it set the tone perfectly for a summer sure to be filled with comic book movies.
I'm geeking out just thinking about what the summers of 2011 and 2012 have in store for us superhero loving nerds. X-Men First Class, The Amazing Spiderman, Captain America, Batman: Dark Rising, Hulk (okay, this one is underwhelming. i mean how many times do you have to remake hulk before you realise it's a bad idea?) , Marvel Avengers, Iron Man 3, Superman, the list goes on and on and on. I'm pretty excited. I love superhero flicks.


Harry and the Potters are currently on their "Ride The Lightning" tour. This is going to be their last, and it's in honor of the final Harry Potter film coming out next month. I'll admit it here and now, I'm a fan. I have a few of their cds, and they're on nearly every Harry Potter related playlist I make. They are my first and favorite Wrok band (Wizard Rock). So, you can imagine how giddy I was when I found out they have a show here as a part of that tour, and that I can most definitely make it.

The closer we get to the second installment of The Deathly Hallows the more it hits me, this amazing book series really defined a generation. It got kids to believe in magic again, in the power of friendship, and love, and sacrifice. I'm so happy to have been a part of something this wide-spread and amazing. So positive. So magical.
Harry Potter is something that will be a part of my children's lives, and their children's, it's classic and timeless. And while generations after mine will be able to enjoy it in all it's original glory, the books, the movies with Dan, and Emma, and Rupert, the movies that I'm sure will be made years from now, I feel so blessed to have been a part of it as it happened.
I waited for hours in bookstores to get the books at midnight, I've been to movie releases, and midnight parties, I've pulled all nighters reading the books from the moment I brought them home, amongst the millions of people who did the same. I wore Gryffindor robes to so many events, and watched as my brother won a few costume contests (he bore a remarkable resemblance to Harry as a kid. which, would land us first-in-line spots at midnight releases and such. one time he was mistaken by a group of kids as a hired actor at barnes and noble and they kept asking for their picture to be taken with him.), I wrote a four page essay on why I believe in Severus Snape that I got to read at The Deathly Hallows book release.
I could go on and on, but really all I'm trying to say is that Harry Potter has become a part of me. It's a part of my childhood, and helped me grow up, I grew with the books, and so did so many people. It's amazing. And honestly? I don't think there'll ever be something like it again. Nothing this amazing. Nothing this magical.


A few random things:

- I am in love with this girl's illustrations.

- I've been drinking a lot of Vitamin Water lately.

- I just read an article on why the FDA doesn't want kids drinking sports drinks.

- Oh well. I love me some Vitamin Water.

- I put together a rather nerd-inspired birthday gift for a dear friend of mine filled with Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and other wonderful fan goodies. I have a feeling she'll approve. We'll see. I swear though, she is the coolest soon-to-be-sixteen-year-old I know. The little sister I never had.

- I'm going to try and dance as much as I can this summer. I feel so out of shape not dancing this last semester. After everything that happened in December/January with my dance life I just needed a break, but I think it's time I wake myself up a bit and move a little.

- I'm pretty excited about the blogswap. The spots filled SO FAST you guys! If there's anyone who isn't a part of this that REALLY wants to be let me know. I have to take people in groups of two though, and I'm definitely not going to add anyone after the 20th. But like I said, if you're not a part of it, and are dying inside because of it, let me know. lol.

- I have a pinterest.

- Summer=Lots of Best Coast and Wavves and The Drums.

- I'm still tempted to dye my hair red...

- It's impossible to watch Baryshnikov dance and not feel your soul move inside your body.


I've been thinking a lot about routine lately. Everyone has different routines. Again, things they use everyday, the order in which they use them. It's fascinating, and tells you a lot about a person. Especially the "getting ready" routine. What you do to make yourself presentable by your standards before you walk out your front door.
I'd love to learn about all of your routines, and since this is my blog and I get to post silly personal information every now and again, here's my "getting ready" routine:

I like to take my showers before bed. Some nights I'll take a bath and a shower if I've had a long day. But yeah, I shower before bed, mostly because I like getting into bed all clean, and also because I don't blow-dry my hair so this way it has time to air-dry overnight.
When I get up I brush my teeth, and wash my face. I love this facewash. I've been blessed with good acne-free skin, but I get the occasional breakout and this clears them within a day. Not to mention my skin always feels so smooth when I use it.
Then I eat breakfast, if I remember. I have this horrible habit of forgetting to eat in the morning. It just doesn't occur to me for some reason... When I do remember I usually have a small bowl of Japanese rice with kippers and some nori.
After that, I brush my teeth again.
Some mornings if I have time on my hands I'll straighten my hair, otherwise I leave it to it's natural state of wavy/cury/thick/messy. I like using this in my hair as a leave in conditioner seeing as I have some natural frizz.
I don't brush my hair. Whatever.
In terms of make-up I'm definitely a minimalist. Eye make-up is a rarity. I do on occasion use liner on my upper lid though. And only on days when I'm feeling especially adventurous do I ever wear lipstick.
I have sparse eyebrows, so I fill them in a bit everyday, not so much that they're ridiculously dark, or look drawn-on though. Just natural looking. Same goes for my eyelashes, sparse, mascara is my friend, but only stuff like this. I don't like mascaras that add length. No idea why, I just don't.
I tend to get really rosy cheeked for no apparent reason, like "did you run here?" rosy cheeked, so this is applied underneath this every morning. I think the best part about those is that they dual as sunscreen for my pale Irish skin. Speaking of which, I wear a lot of sunscreen.
Other than that it's some chapstick, Urban Decay setting spray, Marc Jacobs, clothes of course, and I'm out the door.

I'm fairly low-maintenance. How do you get ready in the morning?


  1. My friends saw Thor and all they said was that the lead guy was really hot... I think your review is a little more informative. ;) I love being a geek though.

    Seeing Harry and the Potters is going to be so awesome, especially with the final movie coming ever closer... I too, am equally as emotional regarding it's end. I'm so happy that it's happening in our generation, I could cry. My future children are certainly missing out!

    Now that it's summer, my routine is pretty awesome. It involves me waking up, brushing my teeth, eating a very small snack, and then changing into my running clothes and heading out for a while. When I come back I take a shower, eat breakfast/brunch (it's usually around noon or so by this time), and change back into my pajamas... haha. Hair and make up? Um, not at all. If I do venture out of the house I'll probably just wear running shorts and a random t-shirt. Obviously my personal apperance takes a backseat during the summer. :)

  2. THE PART ABOUT HARRY POTTER MADE ME TEAR UP. Also, I can't wait to find you at Harry & the Potters!

    My mornings... I shower and pick out an outfit before I go to sleep, so when I have to wake up early I usually sleep in an embarrassingly long time and get ready with ten minutes to spare. I literally get dressed, eat something really quick, brush my teeth, and head out the door. Only recently have I actually started putting on makeup and even so it's only foundation and sometimes some eye shadow. I'm so lazy it is kind of ridiculous...



    i loved the part about harry potter, everything you wrote, was wonderful. i am so happy to think back when i was at school i had to write essays and make up my own harry potter stories. just harry potter is pure love.

    the package for your friend sounds amazing!!!! haha. BEST PACKAGE EVER...doctor who and harry potter!?!?! hehe.

    oh, amy, you need to watch the new series of doctor who!!! i want to have many chats about it!! the mid-season final episode was AMAZING. oh my god, so much stuff!!!

    much love xx


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