❝ There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened. ❞
-Douglas Adams


● I had a lovely breakfast of nutella and banana crepes with Kaylie yesterday (Wednesday) morning at this really adorable creperie in town. We chatted about life, blogging, Harry Potter and the fact that both of us are sure to be in tears for the full duration of the film.


● I checked my mailbox to find a lovely little package from Lina containing the prettiest little handmade pouch, and some herb tea. Can't wait to brew a cup and sit down with a nice book.


● I'm currently reading "The City of Your Final Destination" by Peter Cameron. I read his book "Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You" two summers ago, and fell in love with the way he writes, and how well he creates relatable characters. I saw the film for "The City of Your Final Destination" last fall with my mother, and really enjoyed it. Although, I'm bound to love any film with Charlotte Gainsbourg. And surprisingly, I'm not a fan, Anthony Hopkins was quite enjoyable as Adam. He tends to bother me in a chills-running-down-your-spine kind of way in other films. I don't know why. I haven't even seen "Silence of the Lambs". Mostly because if watching him bothers me as much as it does now, that will probably only increase once I've seen a Hannibal film.
Anyway, it's a lovely book, and I love Peter Cameron's work.

● I was reading Chuck Palahniuk's "Lullaby", but it unfortunately had to go back to the library before I'd finished it. I'll be getting it again soon so I can finish it.

● I'm glad to have more time for reading lately. It's nice to sit in my bedroom with the ceiling fan on, a glass of iced tea by my bed, and a good book in hand. It's getting too hot here for much else.

● I took a trip to a local comic shop and grabbed the latest issue of Doctor Who. Not being able to see series six until it hits dvd is really starting to wear on me. I'm hearing bits and pieces of marvelous spoilers, and I'm just itching with curiosity and the urge to find a way to see the episodes I've missed. I suppose I could get them on iTunes, but it would be so much cheaper just to wait until they've hit netflix. This is what I get for not having BBC America.


● With the final Harry Potter movie trailer out I can't help but feel the tears come closer and closer. I know I've been talking about it a lot lately, but it's truly the end of an era, and it's going to be very emotional for me.
I'm going to the midnight release with a group of friends I've known forever, who I've grown with, and have had adventures with, and life-defining moments with, and I wouldn't have it any other way. They'll be bringing their close friends, and we'll all come together as members of the Harry Potter generation, as family.
It's going to be amazing waiting in line hours before the film shows. Talking amongst ourselves. I'm bringing my deck of Harry Potter UNO cards to help occupy us, and I'll undoubtably be wearing the Gryffindor robes I have hanging my closet.
The end is near, but we'll be facing it together. And we can all leave the theater crying into each others shoulders, knowing that we were a part of something magical.


● Forever ago Kaylie posted a video of Jason Schwartzman picking out some vinyl albums for his baby's nursery, and ever since then I've been slowly collecting albums I want to play for my kids when they're little. Since then I've gotten a few Winnie the Pooh albums, The Jungle Book sountrack, and most recently Donovan's "Wear Your Love Like Heaven".


● I'm sort of falling in love with Outside The Museum. More on them at a later date.

.● .● .● .
.● .● .● .

.Sarah Blasko

Lauren recently made a blog post that introduced me to Sarah Blasko.
I immediately fell in love with this woman's voice, especially on tracks like "Over & Over" and "Night and Day".

. All I Want-Sarah Blasko

. Night and Day-Sarah Blasko

. Over & Over-Sarah Blasko


//'Til next time...


  1. I've been watching series 6 of doctor who online, illegally, which makes me feel guilty, but my god it's so amazing.


    if you're interested.

    that package is lovely<3

    I'm reading lullaby too! it's due in two days though, and I'm not even half way through, it's so good so far.

  2. Lullaby is my favorite Palahniuk book. :)

    HP Trailer = I literally wept when I realized it was the last trailer ever. OMG AHHHHH

    I am so happy my blogging affected your future kids' life! I FEEL SO SPECIAL!

    P.S. I love these songs! You need to recommend some music for me.

  3. I was in tears the second the trailer started... I mean, it's the LAST of the LAST. I know Harry Potter won't really be over when this movie is over, but at the same time something will be...

    Nutella crepes sound amazing. Lullaby is the next Chuck Palahniuk book on my list. And whoa, the album idea is so neat! I absolutely love all of the ones that you've found, and I'm sure your future children will too. :D Such a good idea.

  4. definitely love her voice too! & so happy you got the package & love it : ) just my intentions to have you read a book & drink a tea.

  5. Lullaby is on my to-read list along with dozens other Chuck Palahniuk books. I need to check if they're at my library...

    I shall listen to that artist. :)

  6. oh my goodness, that comicbook is awesome!!!!!!!!! i am on love with it! :)
    i wish you could watch doctor who!! although, now its the break, and i have to wait until the autumn for more episodes.
    i love your collection of vinyls you are saving to play your kids one day, i think thats a wonderful idea. :)


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