❝ A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely. ❞
—Roald Dahl


Random bits of my life:

⠛ I'll admit that I've never actually seen an episode of Mad Men (cue gasps), but I do love the aesthetic of the show. The fashion, and design, so it goes without saying that I'm head-over-heels about the Mad Men line at Banana Republic. I've always loved Banana Republic. My mother's wardrobe throughout the nineties was mostly from Banana, and I've always loved how they manage to make things so simple, and classic stand out (at least to me). I've inherited most of my mother's old clothes. In fact, I'd argue that I dress like a nineties Banana Republic catalog model most days, because it's most of what's in my closet.
I'm excited to see this new line, and invest in a few of the dresses.

⠛ Since I was twelve people have been telling me to see Casablanca. I don't know why it's taken me this long, but last night, I finally started watching it. It's lovely, and Humphry Bogart is fantastic, and I'm falling in love with the film. I really cannot wait 'til I've got the time to finish watching it.

⠛ I talked a bit about loving Outside The Museum a few posts back, and I thought I'd share the This Sound review I wrote on them. It's lovely, quiet, drink-your-cappuccino-and-read-the-classics music.

⠛ Being the Harry Potter fan you all know I am I stayed up for the Pottermore announcement on Wednesday. Needless to say, I'm rather excited. While, the exact purpose of Pottermore remains vague, I know that J.K.R. can do no wrong, and that I'll love it no matter what.
It took a good ten hours before I could get my email in, but that's settled now. Anybody else super excited?

I wrote the following at five in the morning, after watching Rowling's video announcing Pottermore. I felt, that somehow I needed to put into words what the experience meant to me, and to thank Rowling for what she's done for an entire generation.


thank you, thank you for creating something so unique and so special that an entire generation could be shaped by it, that people could make friends through it, and learn from it, and imagine and grow with it. My love for you, and for the wonderful world of one Harry Potter, the boy who lived, is endless. You taught a generation to dream, to read, to imagine, to believe in magic. You taught us that good triumphs over evil, and that friendship is one of the most important things in life, the bonds we share with others, the power of love, unbending, unselfish, true, everlasting love. This is something that I will always carry in my heart, that I will share with my children and my grandchildren, and that will last as long as the earth we live on. You and Harry are legends, and the stories you tell are golden dreams of courage and hope. Thank you. Thank you for everything. I couldn’t be prouder of anything more than I am proud of being a member of the Harry Potter generation. But also humbled. Humbled That I was so lucky as to have been born in this time. That I got to experience to legend as it unfolded. That out of all of the people in all of the generations of all of the world I got to be a part of all this. It makes me feel so very small, but also, so very hopeful, and a part of something so very big. We are united by this common thread, and as we stand united in heart, we are stronger than any problem that can face us. Thank you. Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart. For I’ll say again, how very humbled I am to have been able to have been a part of something so magnificent, so magical. It is truly a blessing to be a member of the Harry Potter generation.

Yours in utter awe,


⠛ Other Wednesday happenings include, but are not limited to: A surprise party for the lovely Mary. She's like my little sister. We danced together for a few years, and she is made of awesome, and I'm so glad that we're friends.
We ate pizza (fun tidbit: more than half the table was lactose intolerant, so we all reached into our purses to grab lactaids), and went to a concert. Jay Brannan, and a few local opening acts. The most memorable of which was The Bears of Manitou. Loved them, bought their cd in fact. It was a really great day.

⠛ Yesterday was the first time I've seen Lauren since she left a few weeks a go for a trip to the East Coast. It was nice seeing her, it was laid back, and uneventful, but still overdue. I miss having her around, and there will be time to adventure soon. She's adopted an adorable ten-week-old kitten, and I can't wait to meet her! I love cats. <3

⠛⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛ ⠛

A List Of Things That Have Made Me Smile Recently:

Darren Criss and Zachary Quinto at Versace last week. homemade lemonade with lime and mint (I'll share the recipe next post). sitting in my room with the lights out, and my fan on high. listening to David Bowie. putting together packages for some lovely bloggers. learning Hisaishi pieces for piano. not having bunk beds anymore. reading four books at once, and all for pleasure. cold showers. catching up on Supernatural. honeydew. breakfast foods. gingerhaze's illustrations, especially those having to do with The Lord of the Rings. Annie's brand mac-and-cheese. watching How I Met Your Mother with my little brother. taking modern dance classes over the summer.

:A kind reminder that the mailing date for the SUMMER 2011 BLOGGER SWAP is Friday the 22nd of July. It's a ways a way, but a reminder never hurt. Hope you're all enjoying putting together your packages, and meeting new bloggers!


  1. ooh i see mail from me on your wall! now, that makes me HAPPY. :D

    ooh pottermore!!! as i have been in a field at glastonbury i didnt see the video, so just watched it! I CANNOT WAIT!!! :D:D

    yay for summer blogger swap!!!! :D

  2. I love that Roald Dahl quote - it's one of my favorites (and the illustrations that go along with it are perfection).
    You've been up to so many fun things - and that is too funny about you and most of your friends being lactose intolerant (also, it took me about four times to write "lactose" - I kept writing "Lacoste" instead).
    I adore Banana Republic. I've bought all my professional clothes from either there or J. Crew - they have such lovely and timeless pieces. Your mom must be so stylish, and how fun that you guys can share clothes!
    Oh my God, I can't even handle my feelings about Pottermore. As a teacher now, it's been interesting to see the other side of it - to see students find a love for reading through Harry Potter. It makes me appreciate the magic of it all the more.
    Enjoy your summer, dear! It sounds like it's off to the perfect start :) xo

  3. oh my goodness!! i didn't know about this banana republic mad men clothing line!!! i'm so excited about it now!! thanks amy : )

  4. harry potter<3


    I can imagine you dressing like a banana republic model from the 90's. I can also imagine you staying indoors all the time in Arizona, I kind of want to go to Arizona for some reason... Maybe in December.

    Darren Criss and Zachary Quinto are just two of the most gorgeous men on the planet. Also, I LOVE GINGERHAZE. Broship of the Rings<3333

  5. You share so many lovely insights to your life and I always feel compelled to comment on most. I guess I figured I should apologize in advance for anytime in the future I don't. (If I do, I fear my comment will be longer than your original blog, ha ha.)

    I've never seen Casablanca. My friend Kelly was recommending some other classic movies the other day and I must say, they all sound intriguing. I can be impatient, though...

    Tomorrow sounds like a good day to turn on my ipod and work on my package. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  6. Can i please come live with you for the rest of my life?
    Well, the least you can do is hurry up with that lemonade recipe!
    Also, you should be quite giddy for what you shall be receiving in the swap! I got a sneak peak ;)

  7. I watched Mad Men for a while, but gave up. I never watch tv, and watching a few back to back online got a bit boring. It was rather nice to look at though. And heck yeah, Casablanca is amazing!

    I am rather curious about Pottermore. It would be nice to see all the footnotes and extras that she created, just to flesh things out a bit more. Part of me still hopes that she did seriously consider allowing Neville to be the Chosen One in the end - it wouldn't be that much of a twist, as the whole Horcrux thing did feel a bit like a last minute decision. The last book felt rushed and totally changed the entire story - no longer about Harry, but about Dumbledore and Grindelwald. I was not entirely happy with the direction of that last book, although it was good.

  8. My mother loves Mad Men, haha. I've never seen it though. As for Banana Republic, I've never actually gotten anything from there... but from what I've seen window shopping on the website I do quite enjoy their clothing!

    OH MY GOODNESS. This morning I saw that Phoenix was 113 degrees on the news, and I felt so horrible for you. And horrible for complaining that it was 97 in North Carolina. :/

    Oh, Pottermore... I am so intrigued. It's fantastic that even though the last movie will be out, we all now have this... whatever it actually is. What you wrote describes everything so perfectly. Thank you, Jo.

  9. That letter summed up everything. I remember a few months ago my mom and I were talking about how I belong in a different era, and then I said, "Well obviously I was born into my generation because of Harry Potter! I had to wait for this magic." We are so lucky. My poor children--I'm going to rub it in their faces. :)

    P.S. I am excited for the recipe! That sounds delicious.

  10. You are just charming, Amy. Goodness.


    I am mailing my package tomorrow :)
    (Super early, or I'll get distracted!)


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