❝ Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow — whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward. ❞
-Kurt Vonnegut


This week has been oddly hectic.
I don't even know that I could go through it all, but here are some highlights:

• We got a new vacuum cleaner. Now, for anyone else this would be a normal mundane thing you do when your old vacuum cleaner finally dies out on you, but for me this is almost always a result of me somehow exploding our previous vacuum.
I have a curse, as I may have mentioned in the past, when it comes to vacuuming. They always die on me. Be it belts that melt, vacuums that give off an odor not unlike one of train station exhaust, or the insides of the machine randomly bursting and throwing themselves out all over my floor.
I've been through many a vacuum cleaner, tried many a brand, and so far *knocks on wood* the Eurika we just bought works brilliantly and hasn't burst into flames or anything of that nature. Hopefully it stays that way!

• I dismantled the bunkbeds that have been in my bedroom for almost eleven years. It was overdue, and it took the bottom bunk's bed frame cracking to convince me it was time the project be done. Sleeping on the floor wasn't my cup of tea. So, I spent a good two days (with the help of my dad and brother) dismantling the bunks and moving the beds out of my room. I now have what used to be the top bunk as a bed, and I'm loving having all this extra room. Also, I have a window. Haha. I mean I knew there was a window in my room, but with the beds in front of it it never let much light in.
I'm rather happy with my room's make-over.

• I caught cold late last week. It finally seems to be clearing up though. I think I need an iv drip of vitamin c, and a lifetime supply of tylenol and kleenex.

• I had to make a genius bar appointment at the Apple Store for my broken iPhone. Steve Jobs and all of Apple are AMAZING. My phone's volume buttons and ring/silent toggle had been out of commission for about a week before I took it in. I explained the problem, mentioned that the phone was next-to-new as I got it in late February, and that it has NEVER EVER EVER been dropped, and I keep it in wonderful condition. The guy *ahem* adorable guy *ahem* helping me out had me sign a piece of paper, wipe my old phone's memory, and handed me a brand new iPhone 3GS to replace it.
Best part? The receipt read "subtotal: $199.99 total:$0.00". I payed nothing. It was a hardware issue, and I was under warranty, so they just replaced it for me, no hassle at all, and the new phone works PERFECTLY. The biggest hassle was taking the time to upload all my phone's info from my downloaded backup on iTunes.


Other Happenings:

• I'm getting more and more excited about Harry and The Potters this week. Especially since Kaylie is going to be there. It'll be pretty awesome.

• I've spent some time learning some Hisaishi pieces for piano. Music from various Miyazaki movies and such. I'm especially in love with music from Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle.
I also discovered that itunes has numerous renditions of songs from different Miyazaki films. Jazz versions, music box versions, they're all beautiful.

• My last library book store trip sent me home with The Darjeeling Limited, Rachel Getting Married, The Jungle by:Upton Sinclair, and Sia's Colour Me The Small One. All for about three dollars. (dvds and cds were on sale for 50¢ a piece.).

• Weird happenings: HipsterParents is following me on twitter. Why? The world may never know.
It's not as exciting as that time Yoko Ono Lennon started following me, but it's definitely interesting...


Summer has finally hit Phoenix like the angry fist of God. It's rarely below 100°F anymore, will only get hotter, and won't be cooler until mid September most likely.

This means it's time for smoothies, and iced-tea, and cold swimming pools, and summer mix cds. I've spent the last few days compiling a list of smoothies and other cold/frozen drinks I want to try my hand at making. My mom has a VitaMix, so the possibilities are endless. That thing will make anything, heck, you can grind your own flower to make bread with in that thing, but right now smoothies are what I'm after.
If you guys have some favorite smoothie recipes please share them! I'll probably make a list later on about my smoothie making adventures and go over my favorites with you guys.

I've also been making many a mix cd. During the summer my family like to take little day trips out the the areas of the city that we don't go to very often. So we'll spend a lot of time in the car driving up north, or down south, or wherever, and I like having a few cds that we can play in the car as we drive to our destination.
There's a lot of She & Him, Radiohead, Noah and the Whale, Tegan and Sara, and Dead Man's Bones on these mixes... of course.


  1. Oh goodness. Your vacuum predicament sounds quite terrifying... NO BURSTING INTO FLAMES, PLEASE! And yay for room make overs, hehe. I love doing that even though it takes so much work.

    I'm glad to hear that everything with your iPhone worked out! :D Thank goodness everything is fixed, and for free. Woo!

    So excited for the package swap.

    Ooh ooh, I watched The Darjeeling Limited the other day! We had to read The Jungle for English... it actually wasn't that bad, until the second half when he tries to promote communism and then it just kinda lost me...

    I am quite glad it's summer, despite the scorching temperatures. Smoothies and mix CDs are some quintessential elements of summer.

  2. 1. do you need my address??
    2. feel better!!
    3. SWEET library finds!!

  3. So many points to comment on in this post! Bear with me?....

    I understand totally about your vacume dilemma; I have been hit with that same unlucky stick when it comes to electrical devices of all kinds. Fingers crossed for your new one!

    Our internet is finally being more assisting, so I will be sending all my info this afternoon. Promise.

    I LOVE mixed Cds.

    Lastly just YES for awesome soundtracks from such movies as Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. (Two of my very favourites!)

  4. While your predicament with vacuums is terrifying, it is also hilarious. Just as long as you don't burst into flames with the vacuum.

    Super excited about the package swap! I've found three things for my person already even though I don't know who they are.

    This library book store you speak of all the time sounds like a beautiful place.

  5. You should buy a Henry hoover (or a Hetty if you are so inclined), they last forever and they have the cutest faces on them. They may not be as good as those bagless Dysons, but I'll take a Henry over a Dyson any day.

    Eek and hope you're feeling better, I think everyone seems to be coming down with something lately. Haha and oddly enough I've been watching Miyazaki films back to back and marvelling at their general awesomeness. I always forget they are there for some reason, even though I have all of them in a black box.

    And I'm hyped for the swap, I shall have to plan one heck of an awesome goody box.

  6. this is perfect for my music high. thanks you. haha.

    my little brother recently went bed shopping and i saw so many fancy new bunk beds. not ashamed to say i really really really wanted one. too bad i'm not 3 ft tall anymore :(

  7. the quote made me smile, and really made me happy.

    i love that you have changed your room about, and that you can see your window!! haha.
    sorry to hear that you have a cold! feel better soon.
    fab news about your phone!! :)
    and yay for mix cds!!!

  8. thanks for sharing this wonderful post... =D
    Mr Lonely from www.lonelyreload.com ~ XD

  9. Haha, I'm glad that you finally found the vacuum that best suits you. You could turn this into a series of comics! "Amy's Misadventures with Vacuum Cleaners"

    I love Apple! I'm just sad that I the closest Apple Store is two hours, but it's so worth the drive. The guys are always so helpful and friendly.

    Argh, I'm so excited for the swap! I can't wait to find out who my partner is. :)

    I'm liking this Sara Lov!

  10. a vacuum that suits you*


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